Hair Styling Products I've Been Loving Lately

Since cutting my hair I've paid extra attention to my styling and treatment products. Previously I could just let my hair air dry before rushing out of the door, maybe straighten the ends a bit if I wanted to look more sleek. That's not happening now. I'm heat styling way less, but I do use more product on my hair to keep my pixie cut looking piece-y, voluminous and nourished. Today I'll share a couple of styling products from my heavy rotation! I bet these will work for you whether you have short or long hair!

Hair Styling Products for Pixie Cut | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Hair Styling Products for Pixie Cut | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

KC Professional Four Reasons Black Edition Foamy Blow Booster

€14.90 / 200ml (available at most Finnish hair stores/salons)

My hair dresser used this longest-name-ever-spray while styling my hair with a blowdryer and a round comb. I trust it was my hair dresser's skill and not the product that made my hair look so awesome, but as the spray was inexpensive I decided to give it a go. I spray this to the roots and shake or mess my hair a bit, it gives a nice amount of volume but not much hold. I do feel there's product on my hair, but it's not sticky or crunchy. I know this spray is meant for blow drying, but I rarely have the time/energy and I still get the volumized effect I want.

Hair Styling Products for Pixie Cut | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Maria Nila Schist Fibre Cream*

€16/50ml or €25/100ml available at*

I talked about my affection for Maria Nila vegan shampoos and conditioners line in this post, but I'm also venturing to the styling products. The texture is a milky gel with some viscosity without being sticky or waxy. I use it to style my bangs and keep any hairs that stick up in control (mainly on the back of my head). I do enjoy several hair gels/waxes, but Maria Nila's doesn't weight my hair down and the semi-matte product is hard to detect. The scent is subtle and won't linger around. Two thumbs up from me!

Hair Styling Products for Pixie Cut | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick BB Hydra Pearl*

€18.80 / 100ml (available at most hair stores)

I've used the hydrating mist from this brand for years, but lately I’ve been testing this leave-on hyaluronic treatment. I admit I was immediately drawn to the bottle because of the "beads" inside. It's just so pretty while being an interesting concept for me; the product mixes when you pump it out and feels like a cool, lightweight gel. My hair dresser who did the pixie cut recommended to not use too much conditioner or otherwise my hair might weight down or look greasy. The Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick keeps my whorl and flyaways at bay while making the hair feel super soft and hydrated (if hair can be 'hydrated', but you know what I mean). I’ve got comments have I done something differently to my hair and it’s this! No added shine, just a good drink for my dry hair without weighing it down. I like it! 

Final thoughts

All of these products are available at salons or dept. stores who sell salon-grade products. I especially enjoy the Maria Nila hair gel (vs my old OUAI Matte Pommade which was heavily fragranced) and the Schwarzkopf BB Hydra Pearl. The textures are so light I think they’ll suit for a variety of hair types! I’m currently testing some leave-on conditioners, more about those in my next hair post.

What styling products are you loving lately?

*Products kindly offered for consideration.
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