New Favorite Loose Powders (KICKS, Lily Lolo, Rouge Bunny Rouge)

Despite having dry/dehydrated skin - I love powder. Nothing feels more satisfying than dusting your face with a fluffy brush. I love glossy skin and precise powdering is excellent way to emphasis or control shine, finish, creasing and so on. I especially love loose powders as the amounts are easy to control, the powder feels lighter and airier than with pressed powders. I’ve found some new favorites on the market: Luxury, more affordable and eco beauty option! Enjoy!

Powders gifted for consideration, thoughts are honest and my own!

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Brushes (top to bottom): Chikuhodo MK-2, rephr powder 06 (gifted), Chikuhodo Noel powder brush (limited edition from couple years ago)

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

KICKS Hyaluronic Acid All-Over Loose Powder Translucent

This translucent powder has quite visibly a white hue or a cast, I’d say it’s not completely translucent when patted or pressed on the skin with a sponge. More like “no color” powder. For my skin tone this works well under the eyes as it brightens while keeping the finish matte. As I said, I don’t like shimmer/sheen under my eyes as it emphasises any hollows, eye bags or darkness. Although the finish is matte I don’t feel this powder makes my under eye area look dry or crusty, perhaps thanks to the added hyaluronic acid.

If you’re more into buffing or just gently sweeping under the eye area I think you’ll be fine with this product, but there are a couple of shade options for this powder. If you have an oily T-zone or your makeup starts to break during the day, I think this is a good powder when pressed or buffed into the skin. If you’re high maintenance you can then pick a finishing powder for additional glow.

9g for €17.9, made in Italy. Available at Kicks (FI) (*affiliate link).

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Skin-Perfecting Loose Powder Glorious Daylight

Recently, one of my favorite brands Rouge Bunny Rouge released a new powder: Skin-Perfecting Loose Powder in 081 Glorious Daylight. RBR’s Diaphanous powder has a cult following and was one of my first reviews on the blog. I went through my Diaphanous powder, so I don’t have it here to compare, but I used it both as a smoothing setting powder for under eye area as well as dusting all over the face.

Glorious Daylight is also translucent (although the in the pot I see a light beige hue), but more luminous than Diaphanous. It has a soft-focus effect on the skin, also perfect for under eye area as well as dusting all over the face to set foundation. According to the website Glorious Daylight uses “light-reflective spherical powders”, which do brighten the skin without adding any opaque finish or pigment. There is a very subtle fragrance that reminds me of cookies.

€40 for 7g, made in Italy. Available at Rouge Bunny Rouge website

Lily Lolo Finishing Powder Translucent Silk

I searched an eco beauty alternative for Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (my shade has been Diffused Light) and here it is - except translucent. If Hourglass powder is a bit buttery in texture, Lily Lolo is silkier. It’s designed to minimize imperfections and set your makeup with extra staying power. While Hourglass mostly added a subtle glow or “ambient light” to the skin, I feel like Lily Lolo does prolong the wear of my makeup while having a similar effect on the skin - without the pigment.

For my pale skin this Translucent shade is a great match for dusting the powder all over the face, but I wouldn’t buff or set my under eye area with this powder. When I swatch Translucent Silk on my hand it does have a visible sheen, which I don’t want to bring attention to my eye bags/darkness. as I don’t like to bring attention to my bags/darkness. If your skin tone is more medium to deep I’d be gentle in the application as the sheen may be more visible.

Also available in matte and tinted (beige) version. €20.9 for 4.5g, made in the UK. Available at eleven (FI) and House of Organic (FI)

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


If you look carefully, you’ll notice that KICKS is the most matte while Lily Lolo has a pearlescent sheen. Rouge Bunny Rouge looks like it has a hint of light beige with a natural finish, but I haven’t noticed much pigment on my skin. I think all skin tones will enjoy this powder.

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I like all of these powders.. If I had to choose one, I’d go with Rouge Bunny Rouge as it works best as all-around powder for both setting and finishing. If you prefer more mattifying finish - go with Kicks. If you want more glow and just a finishing powder, you’ll enjoy Lily Lolo.

What’s your favorite Loose Powder?

Match made in Heaven: Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous powder & Chikuhodo Z-2

As a regular watcher and reader of Shameless Fripperies, I noticed Karima using Rouge Bunny Rouge's Impalpable Finishing Powder in Diaphanous with Chikuhodo's highlighting brush Z-2 for precise powdering. As a fan of Diaphanous powder, I put Z-2 to the top of my brush wish list (yes, I have a brush wish list) and got it last time I was in Japan. Now after good couple of months of using them together, I'd like to share my thoughts.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder in Diaphanous

Diaphanous is a finishing powder, which means it should go on the top of your make up as a the last step. After applying base such as foundation, powder, blusher, etc., a finishing powder is meant to blur your imperfection and give your complexion an even finish. Diaphanous is extremely finely milled silica based powder, and silica is meant to have oil absorbing qualities. The packaging has a round mesh where the powder comes through. The lid has a similar sized circle to keep the excess powder inside the mesh. If you're heavy handed the powder can fly into the air in a small cloud - it's as fine as fairy dust. 40€ for 7g / 0.25 oz



I've read some favourable reviews of Diaphanous' oil control properties, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. I'm mainly dry but if I wear a heavy moisturiser, sunscreen and dewy foundation on a hot day I do need to blot if I don't set my make up properly. With Diaphanous, the finish was a beautiful natural matte, but my T-zone got too shiny for my liking during the day. I doubt it would work for oilier skin types as the only setting powder.

Chikohodo Z-2

Z-2 is the highlighting brush in Chikuhodo's premium Z-series, which are all soft grey squirrel hair (except for the lip brush). Z-2 has a long candle shape with thick, shiny black handle. The max hair length is 37mm and costs ¥7,000(+tax). Instead of working with highlighters - I've used it as a precise powdering brush for my forehead, under eyes, sides of the nose and chin. Very oily skin types might opt for Hakuhodo J 5521. The hair of Z-2 is soft and delicate, yet the brush acts as a great everyday workhorse for me. 


I tap some powder onto the lid or press the mesh gently with Z-2, swirling around the package. Imitating Karima, I started to use Diaphanous for precise powdering: pressing around the nose and middle of the forehead, swiping under the eyes. 

Personally I wear finishing powders on a special occasion when I feel like doing "a full face" of make up with all the bells and whistles. I don't have very large pores but there are some texture around my nose, thanks to my dryness. I press some powder on the centre of my face with Diaphanous and it does blur and smooth things out beautifully. Setting under eyes is pure magic. So smooth, so light, prevents concealer from creasing, won't emphasise my dryness or look cakey. You can lightly 'bake' your under eye area with the powder by dusting a light but visible layer under the eyes, waiting for 5-10 minutes and gently swiping the excess away with Z-2.


I very much love this combination of airy, almost undetectable powder for smoothing things and setting under eye area. If you struggle with visible pores, Diaphanous could be a great addition to your routine. Chikuhodo Z-2 is precise for inner corners of the eye or the nose, but can be used for swiping motions that softly caress the skin. Highly recommending both!

Dior Skin Nude Air Glow powder 025 Fresh Rose review

I enjoy my beautiful quality cosmetics, but there are certain luxury brands I've stayed away from: Channel, Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Armani. I enjoy watching their collections, but trying out and falling in love with their products could be disastrous for my wallet. My strategy is to tell myself I'm not particularly interested and it has worked until this day. Then Dior released this lavender face powder in their Summer 2016 Milky Dots collection. Oh no.


Now that name is that's a mouthful! I couldn't get the beautiful lavender shade 025 Fresh Rose out of my mind after eyeing it on Instagram. After considering long and hard I decided to invest on it, but unfortunately 025 Fresh Rose was one of the two Asia exclusive shades and sold out in Japan sooner than I expected. Luckily, I managed to order one. The powder costs ¥7,020(+tax) for 10g/0.35 oz and comes with a small kabuki brush, which was decent but I passed it on to my Mom.

The powder comes in a pretty silver compact with a decent mirror. The NUDE letters are pink and lavender with very, very fine microshimmer, barely detectable. The backgrounds are matte peach yellow and light warm pink. While the shades released in Europe were tan bronzers in my eyes, the Asia exclusives work as highlighters or all over finishing powders. I expected the powder to be lightly glowing Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders but there is a stronger sheen than in my Diffused Light.

Swatch and color

The powder swatches quite sheer, you won't see a stark stripe of highlight on your cheekbones. When you mix all parts together the color is a gorgeous pinky lavender in natural light, in shadow an icier lavender - almost duochrome, but more refined. I have nothing else like this, the swatch doesn't do the justice. The texture of the powder is soft and finely milled. Very pretty as a subtle, barely there highlight. I'm glad the color is light enough for my skin, but it doesn't pick up very well in yellow indoor lighting.


Dior Skin Nude Air Glow powder in 025 Fresh Rose is a subtle highlight with a beautiful texture and gorgeous, unique color. The powder is a joy to the eye both in the pan and on the skin. I'm glad there's no threat you would go overboard in application, but I wish the pigmentation was stronger.