Online Cosmetologist Consultation by SkinCity (Review)

When I first started getting into makeup and skincare, I quickly noticed how shopping can be a daunting task. Fun, but daunting. I have personally have an easy access to department stores or beauty shops, but I wish there had been someone to guide me. Getting product recommendations for specific skin concerns from a cosmetologist was not an option. This Autumn I discovered (available in Nordic countries and UK at least) - an online shop with free cosmetologist consultation. I’m very excited to review their service, I hope you enjoy today’s post.

*Products received for consideration, thoughts about the service my own and honest.

SkinCity Shop Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

What is SkinCity? aims to be “your skin clinic online”. They have a very curated selection of brands they carry, many higher end or clinic grade with some luxe eco beauty. What I think sets them apart is their customer service: everyone is a certified cosmetologist. That’s right – wether you phone, chat or email there is always a skincare professional who answers you. Their values are all about knowledge, quality and service.

To offer a similar experience as visiting a clinic IRL, SkinCity has developed an unique skin test where you fill a questionnaire, send a no makeup closeup of your skin and a certified cosmetologist will review your results for the best personal recommendations. This test is completely free and you can choose to purchase or skip any of the suggested products.

SkinCity Shop Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

My Skin Test Process

Alright, so I make a customer account and chose to do the “Complete Skin Test” version with 15 questions. There is also a shorter questionnaire for a basic routine (4 questions). I chose three main concerns for my routine: hydration, firming and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Previously I would have gone for brightening or evening out my skin tone, but lately I’ve felt more confident about my acne scars. I was able to choose one brand out of SkinCity’s selection I was interested in. I picked Medik8 as I had heard a ton about this brand, but tested only one product or so. Lastly, I submit a profile (cheek) picture of me with no makeup to give a better idea of my skin condition.

After one day or so, I got emailed my results! My cosmetologist was Riina. There were 9 skincare recommendations + 1 foundation (you can get a base makeup recommendation if you wish), the more essential products for the core routine were marked with an asterisk. I also got additional -10% off code for any SkinCity orders, which is not a ton but a great plus.

I felt like there might be problems with SkinCity’s questionnaire for people who are unsure with terminology or cannot pinpoint what they want or need. Fortunately, there is a real living cosmetologist who reads the results and answers questions and you can leave some questions unanswered. Always ask for assistance! Still, for shy or busy people I wish the questionnaire had more examples or explanations.

SkinCity Shop Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Testing right now: Medik8 C-Tetra+ Intense

SkinCity Shop Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

SkinCity Customer Service Experience

After I had my results I came up with some questions regarding the foundation. Later, I also wanted to know why you could choose only one brand for your routine. First, I reached out via chat and then I even called the SkinCity office. Both times I was answered right away and the cosmetologist was very kind and knowledgeable. I felt the level of customer service was very high and left me feeling safe.

By the way, here’s the answer to couple of my questions: SkinCity believes that giving routine recommendations from one brand makes the products work together most efficiently. If you’re wanting to purchase a makeup product, you can ask the cosmetologist swatch the shades for you!

Pros and Cons of SkinCity


  • very clear concept, easy to use website

  • the comprehensive skin test is relatively easy: reading and clicking

  • great customer service, quick results and personalized routine

  • no obligation to purchase

  • a great, curated selection of brands

  • if you choose to revisit the skin test, you see your old answers which is very handy

and cons…

  • terminology might be difficult for skincare newbies

  • not many inexpensive or drugstore brands

SkinCity Shop Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend this service..? Big yes! I would love to “meet up” with a certified cosmetologist every time I shop for skincare, especially if I just need consultation help and still haven’t committed to a purchase. The level of customer service and efficacy was very high. With some online services I’ve felt the contact person has been somewhat faceless and nameless entity, but with it’s all very approachable. Nothing pushy, zero after quiz emails pressuring you to purchase. My first impression is very good with the products I got, but will report back how I get along with them! Expect some Medik8 reviews soon!

Would You Try Online Cosmetologist Service?