Best Winter Lip Products: Lumene, Weleda and Kocostar

Many moons ago I told you about my love for these two lip balms: de Mamiel and Nuxe - they are still among my very favorites, but when lips get chapped the “need” for more lip balm intensifies. I believe some of you might relate to my need of having a lip balm in every bag (I rotate between a handbag and a backpack), perhaps a couple on the desk.. You know. Today I’m sharing you some newer lip treatments I’ve given a good test run. These items were press samples from different companies, I hope you’ll find something new and interesting!

Best Lip Products for Winter | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

First - I’m Not Addicted, I just Need A Lip Balm

I’m usually okay when it comes to lip balms: sensible, I don’t need to reapply every 2 minutes. This was the case until last November: my lips got super chapped and under eyes darker than darkness – the situation was severe! I think it’s partly the cold and partly the heating which dries out my already dry/dehydrated skin. Especially at my climbing gym the air can be so dry my lips are crying for moisture.

Here’s the bad part: I bite my lips. I can’t stand the feel of rough skin so I’m battling between picking/biting and applying more lip balm to ease the pain.. Today’s trio made some difference to the roughness, unlike countless chapsticks before.

Best Lip Products for Winter | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Lumene Artic Hydra Care Rich Lip Cream*

7,90€ / 10ml

This new-ish release from Lumene took me by surprise! Arctic Hydra Care Rich Lip Balm looks like a pretty common lip balm tube, but the texture feels new and unique. If a cream could be described as watery or quenching, I would use those words. It’s very hydrating, sinks into the skin fairly quickly and doesn’t leave a film on the top. My lips keep begging for more so I sometimes sandwich Weleda Skin Food on the top. This lip balm is fragrance free, vegan and consists mostly of hydrating glycerin and moisturizing shea butter.

Weleda Skin Food*

15,95€ / 75ml available at House of Organic (FI)*

Speaking of Skin Food, this greasier cream is a cult classic from the eco brand Weleda. They call it an all purpose cream for dry and rough skin: face, elbows, knuckles, lips and so on. I mainly use it for lips as I feel it’s too heavy and herbal for all over the face, but this small tube comes in handy when my knuckles feel parched. The feel of this cream quite oily, which comes in hand when you want to protect your lips against cold weather or harsh wind. Famous makeup artists, such as Katie Jane Hughes, also suggest using this cream as a natural highlighter!

Kocostar Lip Mask*

29,90€ / 20 patches

This is the odd one of the bunch. At first I thought these lip masks are a gimmick, but just like eye patches, lip masks can feel very soothing and hydrating. I don’t notice any additional plumping effect from using this mask, but when my lips have been severely dry these do seem to make a difference on the hydration levels. After wearing the mask for ~5 minutes I top the essence with a heavy balm to seal it all in. The ingredients include hydrating glycerin, peppermint leaf water and green tea leaf extract. These masks stay nicely on my lips without slipping or sliding off, which is a major plus. Don’t let the try-on picture scare you! PS: the mask does sit on well, the fold you see is because of my lip piercing.

Best Lip Products for Winter | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Best Lip Products for Winter | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

I think Lumene beats my Clarins classic lip balm and Weleda I like a lot for its multi-purpose use. The Kocostar masks are nice, but a bit of a novelty item which I wouldn’t necessarily purchase again. What’s your go-to lip balm right now? Right now I’m testing more lip balms from eco beauty brands, more to come later!

*These items were kindly gifted for review. My thoughts are honest & my own.