SUQQU Glow Touch Eyes Swatches (01, 06, 101, 102, 104)

I really like SUQQU’s Glow Touch Eyes liquid shadows. I can’t believe they launched already in October last year, how time flies! I’m on the same lines with my original review, which you can check out here. This post short and sweet is mostly just sharing swatches of the shades I’ve accumulated recently. Enjoy!


SUQQU Glow Touch Eyes

A quick recap if you missed the first post: SUQQU Glow Touch Eyes is a liquid or creamy liquid eyeshadow that comes with a lipgloss like packaging and a doe-foot applicator. The lasting power of these shadows (with an eyeshadow base) is very good, much better than SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes (review). These shadows are available in 6 permanent shades and retail for £24 for 7.5g on Selfridges (my shopping place of choice).


Sadly some of these shadows were discontinued/not permanent, but they might pop on the Selfridges site.. Isetan and Umeda Hankyu sometimes have their own limited editions and they usually aren’t promoted in the UK very loudly, but do appear (late) on the online store. Anyway, I wanted to share them if you find something comparable from your collection or in the future releases. These shadows don’t tend to have multi-colored glitter or very deep nuances to them, but appear very pretty on the lid.

01 Ginzora: a white shimmery silver

06 Kiramomo: glowing peach with golden glitter

101 Teriaka (LE): Brown with burgundy undertones and golden glitter

102 Yukimurasaki (LE, Hankyu Umeda exclusive): Shimmery lilac lavender (more violet irl)

104 Kibudou (LE)*: Plum with slightly burgundy/purple undertones and light shimmer (this shade does not look like you are tired or have a black eye, in fact it’s very pretty!)


Have you tried SUQQU’s Glow Touch Eye formula? I’m currently obsessed with liquid eyeshadows, more reviews will be coming! Do you have a favorite formula or a color?

*Shade 104 Kibudou was kindly gifted for consideration.

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 GENKOUAKANE & 124 TOUKIYOU Review and Swatches

I was thinking are the Spring makeup launches rolling in too early (while it’s snow and icy in Helsinki)? But then again I’m done with Winter, the longest season in Finland, which does affect our mood negatively.. I’m all prepared for increasing daylight, sunshine and tulips! These new SUQQU palettes are a splash of Spring, combining exciting and fresh colors with the classic SUQQU formula and shimmers. One palette was PR gifted to me, the other my friend Iris kindly bought for me in Kyoto. Enjoy the swatches and review!

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 Genkouakane 124 Toukiyou | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

SUQQU Desgigning Color Eyes Spring 2019

SUQQU Spring Color Collection 2019 came out with two new eyeshadow palettes: one permanent (12 GENKOUAKANE*) and one limited edition (124 TOUKIYOU). In the spirit of bright Spring, these palettes feature pastel hues of pink, mint green, icy blue and yellow. In a classic SUQQU manner these palettes symbolize both femininity and strength. Prized £46/¥7344 for 5.6g, available in the UK in Selfridges, Harrods and Fenwick Bond Street.

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 Genkouakane | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


The promotional pictures of 12 幻光茜 GENKOUAKANE (“dreamy light of red”) don’t do justice for this palette, IRL it’s a true stunner. Pigmented, fresh, packed with shimmers that adhere on the lid. This palette reminds me of blooming sakura and plum trees in Tokyo. The combination of green and pink is playful, sweet and refreshing. They go together seamlessly, complimented by the brown.

The performance of this palette is excellent. The green has a certain iridescence to it, making it beautiful to layer with other shades or use as a creative pop of color, like I did in my Valentine’s Makeup Look. In the pan I can see some multi-colored shimmers (yellow, pink), but on the skin the main color is minty green. While the top right pink shade is also a shimmery one, I’d consider the darker red a satin and the brown a satin-matte. All of them have great pigmentation and blendability. SUQQU is one of those brands that wear max ~8 hours on my hooded lids (with primer)upå+, after that minor creasing may happen. No fallout.

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 124 Toukiyou | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


This palette has a splash of icy pink with yellow-orange and fresh looking browns. I think making 124 透葵陽 TOUKIYOU (“transparent hollyhock sunshine”) the permanent palette would have made more sense to the conservative customers, but then again SUQQU already has a good amounts of palettes with a splashes of blue (05 Aoshizuku, 07 Hisuikou, 09 Ryogetsu and 10 Yuuakane), although nothing as fresh and Spring-like as this. The light brown is like glistening sand and the red-based medium brown makes a nice crease or lash line color.

Just like 12 Genkouakane this palette stole my heart. While the icy blue is also iridescent, I feel the multicolored shimmers are more visible compared to the mint green. This icy blue is not exactly a duo-chrome shadow, but does switch a little pink when the light hits it. The orange shade packs a punch, I’d say the base color is on the orange side but there is golden yellow shimmers. Just like 12 Genkouakane, 124 Toukiyou’s bottom right brown is a satin-matte. Again, no fallout.


SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 Genkouakane Swatches


Iridescent, shimmery fresh mint green
Pale sweet pink
Satin rose red with pink undertones
Matte medium chocolate brown

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 124 Toukiyou Swatches

124 透葵陽 TOUKIYOU

Iridescent pale baby blue
Light nude with golden shimmer
Yellow-based orange
Light brown with red undertones

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 Genkouakane 124 Toukiyou | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Overall thoughts

These palettes are true winners, I’m so happy with both in formula and color combinations. If there was a small con, I think the glue in my palettes is a bit soft (note: these palettes CAN be easily depotted by sticking a pin to a hole on the backside), but fortunately not too soft that the pans would pop out by themselves.

These palettes reminded me how SUQQU shadows have an unique softness and glide that make the shimmery textures so complimentary (even on mature lids, I’ve read). This unique soft texture could be what decreases the lasting power on my hooded lids a little bit, but I do prefer Japanese powder formulas. Speaking of powder, SUQQU is coming out with new pressed powders… I’m so excited!

Have you tried SUQQU makeup? Which palette is your favorite?

*Palette 12 Genkouakane was kindly sent for consideration.
My thoughts are my honest and my own.

Valentine's Makeup Look feat. SUQQU's Spring Collection 2019

In Finland, Valentine’s is actually called “Friends’ Day”, so we don’t often celebrate it by giving extravagant gifts or going out on dates. We usually just exchange cards or flowers, but that’s about it. Personally I don’t tend to celebrate anniversaries so Valentine’s is a good time to go out with my partner or have a cozy stay-at-home date. Sometimes we even celebrate White Day (for fun), which is a Japanese custom: on Valentine’s women give men chocolate, on White day men treat women with presents. Today I wanted to create a glowing and romantic makeup look to go with Valentine’s theme - or any day when you feel like wearing some pink hues. Gifted products are marked with an asterisk(*). Enjoy!

SUQQU Valentine’s Day Makeup | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
SUQQU Valentine’s Day Makeup | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
SUQQU Valentine’s Day Makeup | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Makeup Routine: Base

I don’t wear a primer for this look, but feel free to adjust if you need to conceal enlarged pores or add any extra glow to your skin. SUQQU’s Nude Wear Liquid is a light foundation that wears beautifully on it’s own, leaving my complexion feeling and looking radiant. I apply a couple of drops from the pipette on my face and apply with a firm foundation brush that doesn’t suck a lot of the product but spreads the foundation evenly. This way you don’t use a lot of product, but even out the face. If you have redness, start from the centre and blend towards the perimeter of the face.

Although the skin appears almost wet or like Korean “glass skin” with this foundation, it doesn’t separate or move during the day! I find it setting enough on its own and lasting pretty good on my dry skin. Read SUQQU Nude Wear Liquid full review here. If you have oilier skin, press some translucent powder on the T-zone, but leave the cheeks bare.

SUQQU Valentine’s Day Makeup | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
SUQQU Valentine’s Day Makeup | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Pinpoint conceal any blemishes with a semi-matte concealer that sets on its own to avoid over powdering. I dab some salmon/peach corrector from Bobbi Brown to the darkest part of my inner corners, under eyes and near the lash line. Since we are using pinks, I don’t want any natural redness be emphasised around my eyes. I apply NARS Radiant Creamy concealer on the top of the corrector and quickly set with a translucent or a luminous powder - my pick would be Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous (review here) or La Mer original powder (d/c). If you have creases under your eyes, make sure to remove creased foundation/concealer with a cotton bud before setting. A damp mini Beauty Blender is excellent for this step.

SUQQU Valentine’s Day Makeup | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Makeup Routine: Cheeks

I use a powder brow color to trace my brows for this look. Powder lasts long but looks softer and more diffused, which suits this look. I keep my brows as straight as possible, combing the brow hairs up with a tinted brow gel. As long as you keep things natural and soft, you’re good.

Next, add some color to the cheeks with SUQQU Shimmer Liquid Blush 102 TSUYASHISO*. The pump gives a fairly generous amount of color, so start with 1/3-1/2 pump. I dab a couple of dots on the top of my “apples” of the cheek, blending towards my ear. I find this easy to do with fingers, but a dense synthetic or white goat hair brush would do as well. 102 TSUYASHISHO is a very sheer color, so you might want to do another layer or a powder blush on the top. I also dab some cream highlighter on my cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid’s bow with my ring finger.

Makeup Routine: Eyes

SUQQU’s newest permanent(!) Designing Color Eyes palette 12 GENKOUAKANE* is just perfect for this occasion with its bright pinks and glossy shimmers. I will do a separate post reviewing SUQQU’s two new palettes, don’t worry, there will be swatches!

I press the watermelon pink (1) on my mobile lid, making sure I get it near the lash line. I press the brown (2) to my outer corner and blend towards my crease with a small, fluffy squirrel hair brush. As I have hooded lids, I bring the shadow a little higher than my crease, so some shadow is visible when my eyes are open. I trace my lower line with the brown shadow and a pencil brush. Next I pick up the light pink (3) with a clean pencil brush and press an accent to the highest point of my eye, also in the inner corner. If your eyes are not hooded, you could highlight the brow bone as well. Finally I pick up this gorgeous mint green (4) and fluff it to the inner part of my eye. The unusual placement for the green makes the look very fun and interesting. It’s not too visible in every angle, so the final look isn’t too bold.

If you want to bring more attention to the eyes, draw a winged eyeliner near the lash line. I leave the inner corner blank for more wide, eye-opening look and do a small wing. If you have oilier eyelids try a sharp brush with gel liner (NYX and Bobbi Brown make excellent ones). After curling my lashes (always, always curl your lashes!) I brush long-lasting Heroine Make mascara to my upper lashes and Korres Plum Brown* mascara to the lower lashes. Using a color mascara (red, brown, plum) gives a nice detail to the look, a soft impression while the black liner makes the lashes look thicker.

SUQQU Valentine’s Day Makeup | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Last But Not Least: Lips and Perfume

Last but not least, lipstick! I apply fuchsia SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick EX-02 KAN BOTAN* from the bullet, pat it once with a tissue and apply another layer. Read my 5 Best Tips for lasting lip color in this post.

For my perfume, I’ve chosen Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid. It’s a glamorous floral scent that I’d also describe as strong and mature. It has an unique character with notes of honey and rum, without being overly sweet to my nose. The base notes are warm with suede, vanilla and sandalwood - to name a few. Great for a night out or a romantic date, balancing the light and playful makeup. Like most Tom Ford scents, this perfume lasts on me for the whole night.

List of Makeup Worn

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 GENKOUAKANE*
SUQQU Color Ink Liquid Liner 01 Black*
Heroine Make Mascara
Korres Mascara Brown*
Viseart Structure Brow Palette

SUQQU Nude Wear Liquid
Bobbi Brown Corrector
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
La Mer Powder (original, discontinued)

SUQQU Shimmer Liquid Blush 102 TSUYASHISO*
Kora Organics Amethyst Highlighter*
SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick EX-02 KAN BOTAN*

How did you like this style of post? What do you plan wearing makeup-wise on Valentine’s Day, if you’re celebrating one?