Depotting Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows tutorial

Obligatory disclaimer: to only try at your own risk. Please don't burn yourself or your house. This is not for someone who's not willing to destroy the packaging and take a risk to damage the eyeshadows. Don't breathe the plastic fumes, use a well ventilated space.

My Rouge Bunny Rouge single eyeshadow collection has gotten bigger and bigger during the past year, thanks to many promotions and sales the site has run. I noticed I didn't give all the love I could to my single compact eyeshadows as I did to the refills in my Z-palette, so I researched about depotting eyeshadows in a safe way. The shadows are not cheap and some of them are hard to get, US exclusive, out of stock and whatnot. In the end, I decided to take the risk of damaging my pretties and got to work.


You'll need: nail or a small sharp object, like a screwdriver. A knife, any knife will do. Pliers (optional), matches and a candle. Some prefer depotting using a flat iron, but since I was afraid of damaging my flat iron and burning myself, so I chose a candle instead (candles don't burn.. right?). And finally, you need single eyeshadows.

Removing the sticker

The pan is glued into the compact with a sticker in the bottom. RBR stickers I could removing by scratching the corner with my nail - some came out very nice and easy, but I ripped a couple of them a little bit. You could use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to help loosening up the glue, but I didn't care as long as most of the stickers were re-usable.

Melting the plastic

I lit a small candle and held the shadow with pliers, later learning I could just hold the compact safely from the mirror. After removing the sticker I hold the bottom of the compact on the top of the flame, mainly the centre part. Wait about ~30 seconds, the plastic blackens first and then starts to bubble. Luckily the glue bottom of RBR shadow pans isn't very strong, by heating up the compact you can pop them out.

Remove the pan

Take your nail and poke the bottom carefully, holding the compact very near a table/plate. If the pan doesn't move, heat for another 20-30 seconds and repeat. The glue should loosen up and the pan pop out without any strength or effort. With some other brands, you might need to use the knife to pry the pan loose. Safely put the depotted pan on another plate, don't touch the metal as it's very hot. The bottoms of RBR pans are magnetic, so you can now pop them into a Z-palette. You're done!

Possible problems

The only mistake I made was with my Rufous-Tailed Weaver shadow. In this case the glue was strong and I tried to pry the corner with a knife, somehow bending the pan and pressed the shadow until it broke a bit. I managed to salvage most of it and pressing it back to the pan. My perfectionist's heart cries crocodile tears, but oh well. 

Another mistake I made was size of the pans. The older(?) ones are 2.4 grams instead of 2g. A small Z-palette holds 9 two gram pans perfectly, but I had a mixture of large and small sizes.

A couple of my pans I ordered from the US website were plastic or some sort of light metal and wouldn't magnetise. Luckily, Z-palettes come with metal disks with stickers, you can adhere them to the pans. The disks are the exact size for smaller RBR shadows!

The aftermath

Would I do this again if I purchase more single shadows? Absolutely. I'm not quite ready yet to depot all of my shadows, but I'm really happy with my RBR singles collection and customisable palettes. I ordered a Large Z-palette to hold my RBR shadows and having a ton of fun planing new eye looks and shadow combos. If you want 20% off your Rouge Bunny Rouge purchase use the code RBR-LAURALOUKOLA20 (non-affiliated) for your shopping basket. My shopping recommendations you can read here.

Are you into depotting eyeshadows? 

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