Finnish Eco Beauty - Senja Cosmetics Sleek Cheek Cleansing Oil Review

I love cleansing oils. I think it’s safe to say I’ve tried and tested a few - from Asian to Western brands, from eco to regular brands. My favorite type is the emulsifying kind that removes even stubborn eye makeup, but lately I’ve been venturing to some oils and balms that need a wash cloth to remove. Today’s product, Senja Cosmetics’ Sleek Cheek Cleansing Oil is one of those. This product was sent to me and I'm happy to feature more Finnish indie brands on the blog, I hope you enjoy!

Senja Cosmetics Sleek Cheek Cleansing Oil Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Senja Cosmetics and Sleek Cheek Cleansing Oil

Senja Cosmetics is a new Finnish eco beauty brand launched in Fall 2018 by a woman called Senja Parkkinen. Like many green beauty entrepreneurs she didn’t find products that performed the way she liked, so Senja decided to make her own. The inspiration is from Finnish woods, its herbs and berries, which are some of the cleanest in the whole world. Senja Cosmetics Sleek Cheek* is her 1st oil-based cleanser with 100% of the ingredients natural origin and 35% of organic farming. 39€ / 100 ml available at and House of Organic (FI)*.

Senja Cosmetics Sleek Cheek Cleansing Oil Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Senja Cosmetics Sleek Cheek Cleansing Oil Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Using the Sleek Cheek Cleansing Oil

To be honest I wasn’t thinking much about this oil once I first saw it. I’m so used to fancy, premium eco beauty packaging that a simple plastic pump bottle didn’t catch my attention. Despite the simple design I like a good pump bottle that locks itself by turning the cap. I have a friend whose name is also Senja, so I thought this line was cute and gave it a go.

As much as I love eco cleansing oils (Tata Harper, Josh Rosebrook) they’re often so expensive I don’t dare to use them for removing my makeup. Senja Cosmetics is a medium premium brand and since this cleansing oil doesn’t emulsify with water I decided to give it a go and use it for makeup removing with a warm, damp wash cloth (I like Ren cloths, which I purchase from Selfridges or Cult Beauty). I use a generous 1 1/2 to 2 pumps of the oil, massage my face (even the eye area) and then wet the wash cloth with warm water, squeeze out excess and wipe my face. This oil takes off everything - even my stubborn Japanese Heroine Make mascara. No traces of foundation, brow makeup, nothing. I’m seriously impressed!

The oil is pretty odorless, medium weight and has only a faint smell. No color. There’s a little bit of parfum in this product, but I find the scent more like how I imagine the ingredients to smell like.

(By the way.. that’s my oily, dirty face in the image above! Not the fully cleansed one!)

Senja Cosmetics Sleek Cheek Cleansing Oil Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride*, Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) Seed Oil**, Linum Usitatissimum (linseed) Seed Oil*, Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate*, Polyglyceryl-4 Cocoate*, Polyglyceryl-6 Caprylate*, Polyglyceryl-6 Ricinoleate*, Aqua*, Vaccinium Myrtillus (blueberry) Seed Oil*, Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea (lingonberry) Seed Oil*, Phenethyl Alcohol*, Parfum (natural)*, Linalool*, Limonene*
*Natural ingredient **Ingredient from organic farming

The first ingredient is a pretty common one in skincare: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, which is a combination of glycerin and often coconut oil. However, this ingredient has much lower comedogenic rating VS coconut oil, so I wouldn’t be too concerned. The second ingredient is Sunflower Seed Oil, followed by Linseed Seed Oil. Sunflower Seed Oil may sound common, but it’s a rich emollient and skin replenishing and soothing properties.

Linseed Seed Oil is very high in Linoleic Acid - an essential for building ceramides, which help to retain moisture and fortify a barrier for the skin. To my knowledge Linoleic Acid is also very close to skin’s natural sebum and can be balancing for people with oily skins or acne, but I need to look into this some more.

The highlight ingredients of this cleanser are definitely the European Blueberry and Lingonberry Seed Oils. Please notice that when I speak about blueberries I mean the wild forest blueberries - not the fat, pale kinds you can buy at stores. Finnish berries are the true Nordic “superfoods”, antioxidant, vitamin, mineral and flavonoid bombs for the face (and body). Antioxidants are excellent in “anti-age”, soothing and caring properties. Lingon berries are also high in arbutin, a skin lightening/brightening ingredient. Although these oils are not on your skin for long and a bit lower in the INCI list, I think they’re an excellent add to the mix.

Parfum, Linalool and Limonene aren’t the best suited for people with very sensitive skins, but since they don’t stay on the skin for a very long period of time you could try and sample this oil. The cleanser also rinses very clean.

Senja Cosmetics Sleek Cheek Cleansing Oil Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Overall thoughts

The active ingredients of this cleansing oil are pretty nice and impressive, but I’m most excited about the great performance of this oil! No residue, just clean face. If I’m wearing a tons of mascara and liner I use Clinique’s Take The Day of Cleansing Milk* for final clean, but Senja Sleek Cheek does excellent by itself. The price point is not cheap, but moderate and I will definitely purchase a new once I run out!

What’s your favorite cleansing oil to date? Are you interested in hearing more about Scandi/Nordic indie brands?

*This product was gifted for consideration.
My thoughts are my honest and my own!

If I Lost All My Skincare - 10 Things I Would First Buy

Good, old school tags have a place in my heart; the kinds that share easy, interesting information you didn’t even know you’re dying to know. Not a big fan of the craziest, mindless entertainment tags on YouTube, but when I saw Michelle’s and Natalie’s videos I got excited and started to think about my own picks: If I lost ALL my skincare - what would I run and buy? I think ten is a good number that covers most of the essential skincare steps and maybe a good mask or a pamper product. I’ve listed the products in the order of application, so let’s see!

10 Skincare Items I Would First Buy Tag | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil

I’ve tried many cleansing oils: FANCL, DHC, Whamisa, Josh Rosebrook, Max and Me, but the number one for me would be THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil. I love how gentle, luxurious and fragrant with essential oils it is, but takes off all makeup without stripping the skin. It’s a great workhorse that I look forward using every night, so it’s a must on my list.

de Mamiel Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate

I should pick a second cleanser here, but my heart says de Mamiel.. I’m absolutely smitten with this powder-to-paste exfoliant that I can leave on as a mask for ~5 minutes. It’s strong with purifying clays, botanical powders and brightening Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). I can’t wait for every use as my complexion feels so fresh and bright afterwards. I shop de Mamiel at Cult Beauty*.

Mahalo the Petal Mask

I’ve had my ups and downs with this mask. Initially in my review I wasn’t crazy about this mask, but after meeting the founder of Mahalo, Maryna, I learned the Petal is not a moisturizing mask, but has a potency to pamper when “your skin doesn’t know what it needs”. Annoying tagline, but it’s true: the Petal evens out the skin, balances oil production, hydrates and pampers. I feel it’s a great all-rounder mask for anyone’s stash!

January Labs Daily Brightening Tonic

This gentle lactic acid and which hazel toner is a multitasker and a firm favorite in my daily routine. The Daily Brightening Tonic gently peels the uppermost layer of the skin while balancing the pH and hydrates with aloe and glycerin. The ingredients also include calming oat kernel extract, which can also be found in the day cream. Simple, light and lovely for daily hydration and glow. Full review here. Available at Cult Beauty*.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

I’m kinda cheating here and choosing two toners so I can rotate AM/PM. Lotion P50 is a classic, more “hardcore” exfoliating toner. It tingles, some say it stinks like vinegar, but the ingredients in this toner promise to diminish the look of fine lines, smooth texture, even out pigmentation and take care of clogged pores over time. I’m still struggling with minor acne scaring and I want to prevent premature pigmentation or signs of ageing, so this product is a must.

10 Skincare Items I Would First Buy Tag | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Kypris Antioxidant Dew

This serum is a saviour for a ‘prune’-like skin like mine.. The Kypris Antioxidant Dew is non-greasy, non-residue serum that provides an immense amount of hydration while packing the skin with plant extracts, oils and antioxidants. This serum quenched my skin’s thirst when I was feeling the dry due to seasonal changes. On my second bottle and will definitely repurchase again.

Max and Me I Am The Light oil

I’ve done a full review on the Enchanted oil/serum, which also appeared in my Best of Skincare 2017 post, but after I went through Enchanted and a mini of I Am The Light, I’m settled on the latter. Enchanted is more repairing while I Am The Light is for skin that’s more healed, I’d say. For dull or congested skin to give you the most beautiful illuminating glow. I love the calming scent of its essential oils and vibrant golden color. A must-have oil-serum in my ritual, but Mahalo’s the Vitality Elixir is a close second!

January Labs Revitalizing Day Cream

I can firmly say this is my “Holy Grail” daytime moisturizer. This lightweight lotion-like cream feels and leaves your skin silky. Packed with Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, botanical extracts, peptides and Beta Glucan to strengthen, soothe and plump the skin. My dry skin simply feels nourished every time I use this. The packaging is also excellent and one bottle lasts a good while as you only need to apply ~1/2 pump for your face and neck. Full review here. Available at Cult Beauty*.

Lina Hanson Global Treasures Balm

Balms are difficult because I love so many, but I chose Lina Hanson Global Treasures balm (not pictured) as it’s very emollient, not too “heavy” and doubles as a face and an eye balm. Also, I miss having this in my routine as I’ve run out of my current jar. Luxurious and lush, but I equally love the Max and Me and Mahalo balms.

Innisfree Sunscreen SPF50

Oldie but a goodie. I’ve used up well over 10 of these tubes over the years. The current formulation is called triple care for dry skin or something similar, I just go for the yellow tube (not pictured) and slather my face with its physical sunscreen that doesn’t leave me a bad white cast or a greasy feel. Read more in my sunscreen roundups or empties posts.

10 Skincare Items I Would First Buy Tag | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Final notes

As you may have noticed this routine didn’t cover a proper 2nd cleanse or other serums (Vitamin C, Retinol) simply because I had “no room” for them in my routine and/or a favorite product at the moment. These are some products I simply can’t live without although I have many other favorites as well. Thank you for Michelle and Natalie for this tag! Finally, I’m tagging YOU! Please share your 10 products you’d first buy in the comments, Instagram or your blog! x

Btw if you love this Globe Hope makeup pouch as much as I do, with the code laura10 you can can get -10% off all purchases from their webstore! (non-affiliate code, valid until the end of November).