Atelier Cologne and Mimosa Indigo (Review)

It’s rare I encounter a fellow beauty enthusiast in person, so I tend to take IRL recommendations I hear very seriously. One time at my friend’s house party, I had a lovely conversation about perfume. It was the first time I heard about Atelier Cologne, and it was something I couldn’t get off my mind. What surprised me more was that there’s a counter at Stockmann Helsinki (our local equivalent to a high end dept store). Today I will be sharing how I came across the my scent of dreams.


Atelier Cologne Mimosa Indigo

Mimosa Indigo** is a Cologne Absolue (pure perfume) concentrated at 20%. Available in 30ml, 100ml and 200ml size retailing from $130/€95 to $325/€270. It’s described as velvety and addictive with leathery notes, highlighted by soft mimosa. Star Ingredients: Mimosa indigo accord, Mandarin from Italy and White leather accord. Made from highest of quality ingredients, 83% renewable natural origin*. Made in France with the highest percentage of fragrance oils. Available on and Stockmann (Finland).


About Atelier Cologne

There are six collections: Joie de Vivre, Chic Absolu, Avant Garde, Haute Couture, Carte Blanche and Bon Voyage. Each of these collections can be described with three key words, for example Joie de Vivre is fresh, lively, citrus while Haute Couture is powerful, rare and precious. You may initially be drawn to some of these categories, but what makes Atelier Cologne difference are the stories.

The Creators of Atelier Cologne are a couple of movie aficionados, Christophe and Sylvie, and their perfume house was born out of their love and passion. They want each Cologne Absolue tell a story - like a scene from a film with these powerful emotions and memories. When you pick up a sample of a perfume it’s wrapped with a beautiful post card describing not only the ingredients and scent profile, but the scene describing the scent.

All Atelier Cologne perfumes come beautifully, meticulously gift wrapped to celebrate the idea this is always a gift - even when you’re shopping for yourself. You also get an engraved leather case to go with your perfume, available in many colors at all counters. From what I understood there’s no need to layer or mix the scents, but they do not argue together.

Finding My Perfect Scent

Stockmann Helsinki has amped up their perfume game: this Fall they finally opened counters for Byredo and Jo Malone. Atelier Cologne’s counter is different: it’s not only elegant, but warm, inviting and somewhat Mediterranean. At the time I had no idea of the stories behind the perfumes and about two dozen bottles in front of me was both intriguing yet intimidating.

I first wandered around sniffing scent with catching names and scent profile descriptions (like Iris Rebelle, which wasn’t for me at all), but I do recommend a help form your Sales Associate as they can even do scent consulting. When I asked the lovely SA at Stockmann I was explained it can be the story behind the perfume that “clicks” with someone, then the scent. I described scents I usually like and she handed one I loved (Santal Carmin), but then “something completely different” which hit me even harder (Mimosa Indigo). Then I heard the story:

A lady in a taxi three in the morning, passing a jazz club and stopping when she hears the music playing inside, walking to the musician sitting in the dark.. (read full description here).

Yup. I was done with my search.


Wearing Mimosa Indigo

This perfume feels special to me, something I’ve never smelled before. It’s mature, but lively and vivid at the same time. When my nose first picks up the scent of mandarin, I feel like this is a perfume for someone who wants adventure and fun. The white leather and mimosa balances out the crispness of citrus, giving me a feel the wearer is still positively (self-)conscious, determined and carries themselves in an elegant way. There’s something smooth and very balanced about this scent. The citrus or floral notes are not overpowering and marry together with the white leather beautifully. I’m happy the leather tones aren’t too strong (like in some musky fragrances), but balancing, grounding and again - awfully elegant.

On me, I don’t find the cologne very strong (I do one spritz on my wrists, and one spritz behind each ear), it doesn’t linger in my clothes. The scent sort of melds with my skin, the scent doesn’t wear me nor I wear the scent: we’re one (sorry for the cheesy description but it’s true!). During a long day I feel I need to reapply, but in my case this happens with all of my perfumes except one oil roll-on. Not that I mind, I’m smitten with Mimosa Indigo.

Final Thoughts

I only wish this cologne would wear longer on my skin as I wouldn’t mind all my scarves smelling like Mimosa Indigo. But as I’ve said, I find most colognes disappearing on me within a couple of hours (the scent from the full size bottle lasts longer on me, could be due to application method). Mimosa Indigo not only a pleasure to smell and wear, but gives my self-esteem a boost through its story. I couldn’t recommend more giving Atelier Colognes a sniff!

**This product was kindly sent for consideration.
My thoughts and observations are my honest & own.
Thank you to the lovely Atelier Cologne Stockman HKI SA for the help and information!