Disappointing Products and Thoughts Why Bloggers Only Give Good Reviews

I don’t think I have done a post focusing on product disappointments. I’ve tested plenty of items that are not for my skin type (dry, dehydrated) or the right shade, I tend to pass those on. Same with items that just aren’t my cup of tea. But today’s lineup are honest disappointments: products I wanted to love, but underachieved for me. This isn’t bashing the brands, many of them I love. If these products work for you, great, maybe you can leave some tips for me below!

This post contains press samples: all marked with an asterisk (*).

Disappointing Products | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Why all the GReat reviews?

With empties there are plenty products I rather would not re-purchase, but I’d say that most product reviews on the blog have good to great reviews - or at least suggestions who would prefer them. Why is that? It takes hours to style, photograph, edit, type and re-read blog posts, so I prefer to focus on items when a) I have something to say b) enjoy writing about it.

I’m often quick when I judge products and can quickly tell if something isn’t working for me: those products I usually give to friends and family or repurpose (as body creams, shower gels etc). I admit, I am a snob. If a drugstore eyeshadow palette doesn’t meet my standards, I just don’t even bother mentioning it. But when something comes from a brand I like and doesn’t meet the expectations? It’s going to be here today.

*Klair’s Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

Overall I like Klair’s, they are pretty affordable K-Beaty line with some gems, such as the toner and soothing cream. I had heard good things about this cleansing oil and I was hoping to find a wallet friendly opinion. The pump bottle is ok and there isn’t any offensive smell, but this oil simply doesn’t remove my eye makeup effectively enough. When I use a cleansing oil/balm on my eyes I expect to look like a panda and rinse/wash cloth clean. I have to use a separate makeup remover for mascara or use the oil twice before moving to second cleanser.. So this is a pass for me.

*Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Base

Again, a product I had heard good things about. I had my doubts of using a creamy eyeshadow base for my hooded lids and unfortunately my suspicions were right: this eye primer creases. It creases quickly and I see little to no point why there are two pigments in this eyeshadow base? Shouldn’t you just get one that matches for you the best? For very dry, non-hooded lids this may work.

*Lily Lolo Volume mascara (black tube)

I loved the Lily Lolo mascara in white tube and this was supposed to be the volumizing one. I’m 100% positive the white tube is more volumizing and thickening while the black tube gives some definition and separation. If you love to mascara just “be there” but not really show up, like a “no-mascara mascara”, then maybe this is the formula for you. Not for me, I stick with the white tube (review here).

Disappointing Products | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Shiseido ControlledChaos Mascara Ink

I love everything about this mascara: the wand, how it builds, chic packaging - except it smudges under my eyes. I had received the bright blue shade in PR, which I loved and had no problems with, so I eagerly purchased the black shade for review. Unfortunately the black was a complete letdown, I can’t touch up my under eyes several times a day.

*BYBI Prime Time Exfoliator

I recently read a review praising this exfoliator.. and I dare to disagree. The formula is too stiff, you have to squeeze the bottle very hard to get any product out. The exfoliating particles are sparse and a common ~coin-size amount isn’t nearly enough for proper manual exfoliation. Only use if your skin is very sensitive, but I still think there are better alternatives on the market.

Hourglass Arch Brow Liner

After several sponsored Youtube videos and a trip to Swedish Sephora, I was excited to try Hourglass’ new brow liner. The packaging: beautiful. The tip size and shape: excellent. Unfortunately the formula is way too stiff, not very pigmented and the roll-up side of the pen shakes and feels flimsy. While I think It Cosmetic’s alternative is too thick for similar precision, it beats Hourglass by being user-friendly. Despite the stiff formula, I ran out of this brow liner under 5 weeks.

Disappointing Products | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

BYBI Baby Balm Bronze

When I saw that BYBI was coming out with makeup I rushed to TwistBe store and bought myself one. I don’t use much bronzers, but I love the Babe Balm and BYBI as a brand, so I was excited.. only to discover this bronzer is sheer - very sheer and has little to no base color. Just golden shimmer. I don’t get this at all. Could work as a cream highlighter for tan to deep skin tones, but wouldn’t you like more base color? I would use this as a lip balm if it wasn’t so glittery. (EDIT: I later read this is meant to be a highlighter after all? I will pass this to someone with deeper skin tone)

Origins Ginzing Peel-Off Mask

I was kindly gifted this mask after it didn’t work for a friend (hi Nastia!). I was a bit afraid of the “peel-off” aspect (the mask dries down and you can actually peel it off vs washing), but I like Origins a lot and decided to give it a go. Firstly, the scent is overpowering and offensive with menthol, made my eyes water. Secondly, when the mask has set it literally hurts to peel it off. Didn’t notice any skincare benefit and looking like a bronze tin man while the mask sets felt stupid. I can’t recommend this to anyone..

What product has disappointed you lately? Do you get along with any of the above? Let me know!

SUQQU Eyelash Mascara and Eyelash Base Review

Caution: Holy Grail alert here! SUQQU semi-recently released a new mascara: both regular, waterproof and a mascara base. I was kindly sent these items for consideration, so far I’ve been testing the Base and the regular Eyelash Mascara. I’ve loved SUQQU for years but I haven’t much ventured to the mascara territory, so I was delighted to try these! What do you think, should I do a brand overview now that I’ve tried most from the line?

*Mascaras kindly gifted for consideration.

SUQQU Eyelash Mascara and SUQQU Eyelash Base Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina
SUQQU Eyelash Mascara and SUQQU Eyelash Base Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

About SUQQU Eyelash Mascara and Eyelash Mascara Base

SUQQU has named these mascaras simply, the brand often uses depicting titles without unnecessary marketing talk. Eyelash Mascara and its versions have replaced other mascaras in the line. Eyelash Mascara promises to combine “shine, density and long-lasting curl power” - I assume the density means volume in this case, shine making the lash looking healthy and wispy. The mascara comes in black, black waterproof and the Base clear/semi-transparent. Mascaras retail £29 and the Base £23.

Using SUQQU Eyelash Mascara and Eyelash Base

Not sure where to start, it’s been a while since a mascara product has blown me away (maybe Monsieur Big - review). For my medium lashes this Base is epic. It gives me everything: long-lasting volume, curl and separation. Some length of course, but I think this Base exceeds when it comes to giving the lashes thickness and volume, making them easy to separate and “style” before the Base sets.

The SUQQU Eyelash Mascara applies well on primed lashes, but I do recommend paying attention on application (roots, short or odd pokey lashes) as the semi-transparent finish is noticeable if you miss a spot. Once you’ve coated the lashes you can expect them to wear beautifully for the rest of the day. The lashes don’t grab together from the ends, no flaking or smudging during the day. I’d say the result is semi-waterproof, you do need cleanser to get everything off.

Alone the Eyelash Mascara gives beautifully long and deep black lashes, but some of lash tips may stick together if you’re not careful. Nothing a little combing can’t fix, but I think it’s worth mentioning. The mascara wears well, but the Base does improve keeping the curl and longevity. I’ve tested the Base with other mascaras and the best effect is with the accompanying SUQQU mascara.

I very much enjoy the Eyelash Mascara wand, which is cone shaped, doesn’t pick up too much product (not too wet) and fits perfectly near my inner and outer corners where I have shorter lashes. I wish the Mascara Base had the a similar wand, I often need a second pump to get enough product for one eye. I presume I will run out of the Base quicker than the mascara, but as it’s cheaper I don’t really mind.

In the pictures below my eyelashes are curled with *Tweezerman Lash Curlers (the best!).

SUQQU Eyelash Mascara and SUQQU Eyelash Base Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina
SUQQU Eyelash Mascara and SUQQU Eyelash Base Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina
SUQQU Eyelash Mascara and SUQQU Eyelash Base Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Eyelash Base and Eyelash Mascara worn another day (pic below)

SUQQU Eyelash Mascara and SUQQU Eyelash Base Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Final Thoughts

The Eyelash Mascara Base and SUQQU Eyelash Mascara combo is a Holy Grail, top shelf, favorite quality. I will definitely purchase the Base once I run out, I have a feeling the mascara will last me longer and I am also testing its Waterproof version. Used alone the Eyelash Mascara might need some precision when applied, but not a bad choice if you like high end mascaras. It doesn’t beat my drug store favorite, Heroine Make, but I wouldn’t pass on the Base!

Have you tried SUQQU?

Perfume for Strong Women - Lancôme Idôle Review

Idôle has been a highly anticipated perfume; it has been seven years since Lancôme released a completely new scent. The theme of Idôle is self-empowerment, being strong and outspoken, finding your own idol from within. Today I’ll be giving you my thoughts on the new scent, enjoy!

*Product kindly gifted for review, thoughts my own!

Lancôme Idôle Perfume Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

About Lancôme Idôle Eau de Perfume

Released in 2019, Idôle is a modern floral scent that combines musky and citrus notes with Lancôme’s signature rose. Created by three women: Shyamala Maisondieu, Adriana Medina and Nadege le Garlantezec. Available in 3 bottle sizes, all refillable at selected Lancôme counters. The face of Idôle is Zendaya, an American actress and singer. Prices: €53 / 25ml, €85 / 50ml

Idôle Perfume Bottle

The bottle is pretty and minimal, very thin but substantially weighted. According to the press release Idôle is world’s thinnest perfume bottle. The design reminds me of cellphone more than a traditional perfume bottle. There’s even an indentation for your fingers, making the bottle easier to hold. It’s pretty and modern, but barely stands on its own and annoyingly I’ve knocked it down several times.

As far as I know the engraving was custom made and not currently available at counters, but may come to selected department stores during the Holiday Season.

Lancôme Idôle Perfume Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Wearing Idôle

Top Notes: Bergamot (Citrus), Juicy Pear, Pink Peppercorn

Middle Notes: Rose and Jasmine

Bottom Notes: White Musk, Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedarwood

I don’t recall testing Lancôme’s previous perfumes, I always imagined that “mainstream” scents would be too sweet and generic to have personality. I tried to keep an open mind when first trying this scent and I was pleasantly surprised. Usually I’m not a fan of rose scents, but Idôle is far away from powdery, artificial and overpowering rose smell (I’m looking at you, By Terry…). The core of Idôle actually combines four types of rose with jasmine, making it modern and clean. After initial top notes of fresh of citrus, Idôle reveals its elegancy, followed by grounding and comforting chypre accord.

I don’t find the scent particularly complex, but very pleasant and easy-to-wear. I don’t notice the vanilla, but the pleasant hints of musk and cedarwood last long on my skin. I had worn Idôle +5 hours and my boyfriend still complemented how nice I smell! This perfume has the potential of being a crowd pleaser, easy to gift and suitable for many occasions.

Lancôme Idôle Perfume Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Final Thoughts

Lancôme Idôle is pleasant modern fragrance. It lacks some of the complexity of luxury perfumes, perhaps because Idôle is strongly a feminine scent and designed to be worn alone (not layered). I appreciate Lancôme’s empowering message and how the bottles are designed to be refilled; that saves both one’s $$$ and the environment. I recommend keeping Idôle in mind if you enjoy feminine scents or looking for present for someone special.

Have you tried scents by Lancôme?