New Rouge Bunny Rouge Flowers & Portraits Blush Wands (Review)

It’s no secret that Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of my very favorite makeup brands. I mean top 5 or top 3, which is saying a lot (I’m picky). They don’t follow the usual new collection per season schedule, but sparingly release perfected products a few times per year. Some of these new launches are improvements and reformulations of previous products: today’s Flowers & Portraits Blush Wands resemble the previous Cheeks in Bloom Blush Wands (review here). Let’s take a closer look, enjoy!

*Blushes gifted for review, my opinions are my own & honest.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand FLOWERS & PORTRAITS review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand FLOWERS & PORTRAITS review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand FLOWERS & PORTRAITS review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


These cream blushes come in a twist-up (and down) wand packaging. The product is described as quickly drying (setting) and cream-to-powder formula. Thanks to their versatile formula, transparent and natural-looking finish these blush wands can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. The outer cardboard packaging has been revamped to a chic, vibrant red. €31 for 7ml / 0.247 fl.oz.

Color names:

‘Vrubel’ - Formerly: ‘Rubens’
‘Rossetti’ - Formerly: ‘Titian’
‘Klimt’ - Formerly: ‘Manet’
‘Renoir’ - Formerly: ‘Vermeer’

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand FLOWERS & PORTRAITS review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand FLOWERS & PORTRAITS review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


Vrubel: Juicy cool burgundy or fruit punch red

Rosetti: Beige-rose with a hint of peach

Klimt: Medium, warm coral with a hint of rose and orange

Renoir: Cool, soft petal pink

Using Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand FLOWERS & PORTRAITS

First of all, I enjoy the revamped packaging. The new blush shape is curved outward vs the old shape was flat. Rounded shape gives more precision at least for a while when the blush is new. The black tubes are very elegant, but I recommend to be careful when you put the cap back on - I hate to scratch my blushes.

I think the old formula was more balmy, slippery and sheer in color. As much as I enjoyed the old Blush Wands, I do feel the new formula is improved. A bit stiffer texture is easier to place without slipping and sliding while it still blends beautifully. The colors are more distinguished and pack some punch, but I do think the swatches are overly vibrant. For example Renoir is the perfect cool everyday pink blush for my fair/light skin tone, but it looks almost fuchsia in photos. Rosetti and Titian are not similar at all; Rosetti is a pretty rosy peachy pink while Titian was a pale nude shade.

I feel the best way to apply the new formula is sketching a couple of stripes or dots on your cheeks and blending with fingers. Since the texture is stiffer and less emollient I don’t like to rub my duo-fibre brushes against the blush. The blending is pretty effortless with fingers, I usually apply one layer and blend, then another layer of the blush and blend again. The color is long-lasting (~7-8 hours) compared to many other cream blushes (Tata Harper, SUQQU LE for example) and doesn’t require setting with translucent powder.

I have only lightly tested these on the lips, but for that purpose I prefer something more creamy or opaque.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand FLOWERS & PORTRAITS review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Final Thoughts

I was upset to see the old Blush Wands go, but now that I’ve tried, tested and played with Flowers & Portraits Blush Wands I don’t really miss the old ones. I will declutter them as the formula is getting old too. I’ve been reaching the new blush wands a lot, especially Renoir. The inspiration behind the blush names is lovely, I like the easy to use package and long wear time! I only wish there had been a fifth shade, something nude or barely there similar to Titian or perhaps a cooler contour shade.

Have you tried Rouge Bunny Rouge? What’s your favorite cream blush?

Korento Cosmetics Soft Velvet Primer and Rose Quartz Highlighter Review

Korento is a natural makeup line by FLOW Cosmetics, a Finnish eco beauty company. I think they launched about ~one year ago with cheek&lip tints (review here) and three types of foundation. Since then I’ve been waiting for expansion to the line and here we have it! *Soft Velvet Primer and *Rose Quartz Highlighter. I had the pleasure to be gifted both of these items, I hope you enjoy my test and review!

*Products kindly gifted for consideration. Thoughts my own and honest.


About Korento Soft Velvet Primer and Rose Quartz Highlighter

This primer is advertised as smoothing and evening out skin tone by fading the appearance of fine lines and pores. The formula is cream to powder and promises to prolong the staying power of makeup. The primer feels similar to a pore-filling silicone primer, but is packed with organic, wild grown and ecocert ingredients. Shake before use. €45 for 30ml

Rose Quartz highlighter is in a similar small, black glass jar packaging as the Lip & Cheek tints. Korento’s highlighter contains authentic rose quartz (like Kora Organics Luminizer I reviewed here), natural waxes and oils. The Rose Quartz highlighter is designed to be used for additional glow and 3D effect to the face. I have a guide how to use highlighter here! €35 for 5ml

Both products available at Korento Cosmetics and Ruohonjuuri (FI).

The primer and Rose Quartz highlighter are both boosted with Korento’s signature Active Berry Complex (read more). Both items are also vegan and preservative free, so make sure to use up yours eco makeup in time.


Using Korento Soft Velvet Primer

I think I’ve mentioned before, but I’m not big on primers. They simply do not do much for my skin or prolong the wear of my makeup. Most primers I can skip and use a lightly moisturizing sunscreen at the end of my routine instead. Since I don’t have very enlarged pores, silicone and pore filling primers are also a skip for me. Then I tried Korento and quite frankly fell in love.

The texture is like a silicon primer with a pinkish, ethereal glow. The foundation gives a nice slip or glide for any foundation applied with a brush or fingers. I prefer to wear Korento’s own Serum Foundation with this primer as it’s sheer and lets the pinkish glow shine through, but the primer does work with regular, non-eco foundations as well. I get what they mean in the “cream to powder texture” description as my skin feels silky as if I had just dusted with a diaphanous powder. The feel is non-sticky, just very smooth and silky. The primer doesn’t gather in my fine lines but diminishes their appearance.


( Above is one heavy and one slightly more blended swatch)

My only minor problems with this foundation was not remembering to shaking the container enough and pilling with certain sunscreens. Not shaking may cause the formula to separate while very silicone heavy or “chemical” sun blocks may make the primer roll off the face. I use eco or “physical” sunblocks most of the time with no pilling issues, but it’s worth knowing if your favorite sunscreen is a “chemical” SPF. More about physical vs chemical SPFs in this post.

Applying this primer only is a beautiful pick me up for the skin; I’d slather this on even on days when I can’t bother with foundation. When the primer sets you won’t pay attention to the pink hue, just how refreshed and bright your complexion looks. Perfect for the Korean “glass skin” look when topped with a sheer foundation.


Using Korento Rose Quartz Highlighter

I think Korento improved their Lip & Cheek Tint formula after the 1st launch. The contents of my pots were slightly dry and after my review I noticed some of the waxes had separated. Korento replied to this issue and told they revamped the formula. I think Rose Quartz Highlighter may be close to it? The formula is creamy, non-oily or slippery (like Tata Harper tints for example), almost “whipped” texture that blends evenly with fingers.

I’m so glad this highlighter applies beautifully on the skin without accentuating my texture too much -of course if you have a lot of texture or breakouts all highlighters will attract attention there, but in my opinion you’re better off with cream formula. The pink color has some microshimmer but I wouldn’t call it glitter, just a beautiful and natural sheen. Easy and fool-proof highlighter that will last the minimum of 6-8 hours on my cheekbones. Perfect for fair to medium skin tones I’d say. I hope they come out with a more golden color for deeper complexions (and variety).


Above: Rose Quartz highlighter swatched and blended
Below: Closeup of my face with the Soft Velvet Primer & light foundation


Final Thoughts

Both of these products are excellent. I can’t tell if I prefer the Kora Rose Quartz highlighter over Korento, during the warmer weather I liked Korento as it was less emollient. Now that it’s getting cooler outside, I like Kora’s more slippery texture. If you’re on the oilier side or like very dewy foundations, I’d go for Korento, but I think they work equally. The Soft Velvet Primer is a winner no matter if you have dry skin or wear a variety of foundations (stick, liquid, eco/non-eco).. and yes, to this day it’s the best primer I’ve tried.

What’s Your Favorite Eco Makeup Product?

New Favorite Loose Powders (KICKS, Lily Lolo, Rouge Bunny Rouge)

Despite having dry/dehydrated skin - I love powder. Nothing feels more satisfying than dusting your face with a fluffy brush. I love glossy skin and precise powdering is excellent way to emphasis or control shine, finish, creasing and so on. I especially love loose powders as the amounts are easy to control, the powder feels lighter and airier than with pressed powders. I’ve found some new favorites on the market: Luxury, more affordable and eco beauty option! Enjoy!

Powders gifted for consideration, thoughts are honest and my own!

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Brushes (top to bottom): Chikuhodo MK-2, rephr powder 06 (gifted), Chikuhodo Noel powder brush (limited edition from couple years ago)

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

KICKS Hyaluronic Acid All-Over Loose Powder Translucent

This translucent powder has quite visibly a white hue or a cast, I’d say it’s not completely translucent when patted or pressed on the skin with a sponge. More like “no color” powder. For my skin tone this works well under the eyes as it brightens while keeping the finish matte. As I said, I don’t like shimmer/sheen under my eyes as it emphasises any hollows, eye bags or darkness. Although the finish is matte I don’t feel this powder makes my under eye area look dry or crusty, perhaps thanks to the added hyaluronic acid.

If you’re more into buffing or just gently sweeping under the eye area I think you’ll be fine with this product, but there are a couple of shade options for this powder. If you have an oily T-zone or your makeup starts to break during the day, I think this is a good powder when pressed or buffed into the skin. If you’re high maintenance you can then pick a finishing powder for additional glow.

9g for €17.9, made in Italy. Available at Kicks (FI) (*affiliate link).

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Skin-Perfecting Loose Powder Glorious Daylight

Recently, one of my favorite brands Rouge Bunny Rouge released a new powder: Skin-Perfecting Loose Powder in 081 Glorious Daylight. RBR’s Diaphanous powder has a cult following and was one of my first reviews on the blog. I went through my Diaphanous powder, so I don’t have it here to compare, but I used it both as a smoothing setting powder for under eye area as well as dusting all over the face.

Glorious Daylight is also translucent (although the in the pot I see a light beige hue), but more luminous than Diaphanous. It has a soft-focus effect on the skin, also perfect for under eye area as well as dusting all over the face to set foundation. According to the website Glorious Daylight uses “light-reflective spherical powders”, which do brighten the skin without adding any opaque finish or pigment. There is a very subtle fragrance that reminds me of cookies.

€40 for 7g, made in Italy. Available at Rouge Bunny Rouge website

Lily Lolo Finishing Powder Translucent Silk

I searched an eco beauty alternative for Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (my shade has been Diffused Light) and here it is - except translucent. If Hourglass powder is a bit buttery in texture, Lily Lolo is silkier. It’s designed to minimize imperfections and set your makeup with extra staying power. While Hourglass mostly added a subtle glow or “ambient light” to the skin, I feel like Lily Lolo does prolong the wear of my makeup while having a similar effect on the skin - without the pigment.

For my pale skin this Translucent shade is a great match for dusting the powder all over the face, but I wouldn’t buff or set my under eye area with this powder. When I swatch Translucent Silk on my hand it does have a visible sheen, which I don’t want to bring attention to my eye bags/darkness. as I don’t like to bring attention to my bags/darkness. If your skin tone is more medium to deep I’d be gentle in the application as the sheen may be more visible.

Also available in matte and tinted (beige) version. €20.9 for 4.5g, made in the UK. Available at eleven (FI) and House of Organic (FI)

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


If you look carefully, you’ll notice that KICKS is the most matte while Lily Lolo has a pearlescent sheen. Rouge Bunny Rouge looks like it has a hint of light beige with a natural finish, but I haven’t noticed much pigment on my skin. I think all skin tones will enjoy this powder.

Favorite Loose Powders: KICKS, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Lily Lolo | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I like all of these powders.. If I had to choose one, I’d go with Rouge Bunny Rouge as it works best as all-around powder for both setting and finishing. If you prefer more mattifying finish - go with Kicks. If you want more glow and just a finishing powder, you’ll enjoy Lily Lolo.

What’s your favorite Loose Powder?