Perfect Baby Pink Blush: Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush in 02 Chiyoko Review

Today I wanna chat you about Shiseido, a big Japanese cosmetic house that has several big brands under its umbrella: BareMinerals, NARS, Clé de Peau Beauté and tons of Japanese brands. Of course they’re also known for skincare and makeup under the name Shiseido. Today I have an interesting, unique *blush review for you. I also go down the memory lane when I lived in Japan and admired local cosmetic counters. Enjoy!

*Blush gifted for consideration. All thoughts are honest and my own.

Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush 02 Chiyoko Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Me, Shiseido and Love for Blush

You may have guessed, I love Japanese makeup. When living in Japan I remember strolling by the Shiseido counter for countless of times, swatching the smooth, pigmented eyeshadows. Those eyeshadow trios weren’t necessarily very expensive in Japan, but I was a poor exchange student and mostly used Shiseido’s Japan exclusive drug store brands. I also struggled to select which palette I wanted. These palettes have been discontinued a while ago, but I still hold on to my limited edition trio of purple, orange and pink (although no longer wear it).

What I don’t mention too often is my other obsession.. blush. Blush and foundation might be just my two favorite makeup items. I especially love pale, baby pink blushes with blue undertones and I am constantly on the hunt for the best one. I think I found the one from RMK some years ago, but of course they discontinued it.

Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush 02 Chiyoko Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

About Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush

This blush formula is described as air-whipped cream blush that turns into a long-lasting, breathable powder matte finish. From what I understood the shades are named after inspiring Japanese women. The product comes in a square glass jar, black matte cap with the name ‘Shiseido’ and a protective cap in between. Available in 8 shades ranging from light peaches to reds and fuchsia. 5g for $29. Made in the USA.

Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush 02 Chiyoko Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush 02 Chiyoko Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Using Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush

I’m partial to brush application when it comes to any makeup, maybe except cream highlighters. Usually I like to grab a stippling brush to buff and blend any creams after initial application, but Shiseido’s Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush has an airy, mousse-like texture that does feel powdery at the same time. I find the best way to apply this blush is to dab on with my ring finger; if I get it too close to my eye I use a clean finger to swipe. I’ve also used a damp BeautyBlender to smooth and blend any lines if I’ve gone too heavy with my application.

The Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush in 02 Chiyoko is quite pigmented and a little goes a long way. I’ve worn this blush a ton and I’ve still only touched what’s in the inner cap. I find the second cap with cream products always a bit annoying, but I guess it prevents the product from drying. Once the blush sets it feels creamy and soft on the cheeks, doesn’t slip or slide and has a lovely matte “powder” like finish.

The blush wears perfectly +8 hours. I usually do a couple of layers and finish with a touch of finishing powder (such as Hourglass Ambient or Lily Lolo).

02 Chiyoko swatches

Compared to ADDICTION, a perfect pale pink with almost purple hue, 02 Chiyoko has more warm undertones. There is no sheen or shimmer. Chiyoko’s finish is more powdery than Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Gracilis, which is a matte powder blush. I think that Chiyoko is more universally flattering as it has no icy undertones and should show up nicely on medium to dark skin tones.

Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush 02 Chiyoko Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Overall thoughts on Shiseido Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush

I think that nowadays only a self-applying blush would blow me away, but Shiseido’s Minimalist WhippedPowder blush in 02 Chiyoko is very nice - both in texture and color. If I didn’t have so many blushes I would sprint to get more from Shiseido. I am considering Momoko, as it looked lovely in Shireen’s post. The lasting power is excellent; I often experience problems with cream blushes as they smear, move or they sheer away very quickly. Not with Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush. Only thing that bothers me is the inner cap, I never have a place to put it.. Anyway, I can highly recommend you go swatch this product! x

Flow Festival 2019 Makeup Look

I feel like Fall is here. The much anticipated Flow Festival (a big, hipster music festival in Helsinki) is now over, it’s cloudy, gets dark quickly outside and the forecast promises rain for most of the week. I do like Fall, but my July was amazing and I don’t like to see the Summer to end. Today I’m typing a casual post and quickly showing you my hair and makeup from last Sunday!

*Products marked with asterisk were gifted for consideration.

Flow Festival Makeup Inspiration | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Flow Festival Makeup Inspiration

This was the first time I attended a proper music festival (I think I’ve went to see one band when I was a teen) and I loved it! On Saturday I wore a cliché girly look with lots of pink blush and glitter on my cheeks, but since the Cure was playing on Sunday I wanted to have a more bold, gothic look with some 80’s vibes. I tried to make the look more modern by using only a lip tint and a nude blush. I rarely take my eyeshadow so close to the brow bone, but in this look I did for impact.

The hair I kept very simple, I just let it air dry 75% and used a blow dryer with TangleTeezer’s round brush*. I added some glossy serum and sprayed a little bit of hair spray from a distance.

Main Products

Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation, some Bobbi Brown corrector and NARS Matte concealer, powdered with MAC Prep+Prime powder*. I used a stippling brush for the powder and a wet BeautyBlender* for under eye powder.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow 36

SUQQU Glow Touch Eyes 102

Tom Ford Cream shadow in Caviar

Tom Ford Cream and Powder duo in Azure Sun (used only the glitter top coat)

A generous coating of SUQQU eyeshadow base* and mascara*.

Eyelure lash trios (two trios of medium, one trio of small for each eye)

Eyelure lash glue and pearl stickers

Hourglass Arch brow pencil + SUQQU eyebrow gel in khaki

SUQQU Pure Color Blush 09 Ayakagerou  

Lancome Matte Shaker lip tint in in Kiss Me Cherie

Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo 01 in Moodlight

Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in Medium

KICKS ‘Matte’ setting spray*

Flow Festival Makeup Inspiration | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
Flow Festival Makeup Inspiration | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

How the Makeup Lasted

I could do a whole post about tips for long-lasting makeup and hair for festivals, clubbing, weddings and whatnot. Meanwhile, check out my post for a long-lasting lip color. I think on this rainy Sunday the most important to was to really press products into the skin, tints and liquids that set and finally mist your face with a setting spray.

Some makeup did fade from my inner/outer corner as my eyes watered a lot this weekend. But for this look it added an element of grunge haha. Towards the end I could’ve used an eye gloss on the top and let it all smear, but it didn’t come to my mind. In my bag I carried an eyelash glue, lip tint, lip balm and some blotting paper for touchups, but I only needed reapply lip tint.

I hope you enjoyed this mini post! Sometimes you just have a nice makeup day and want to share the look, you know? Have you gone to any festivals lately? How did you do your beauty routine? x

LookFantastic Beauty Box for August 2019 Review and Thoughts on Subscription Services

I’ve always had mixed feelings about beauty box services as I’m quite picky and tend to dislike surprises.. But I was kindly gifted LookFantastic ‘Heatwave’ *Beauty Box of August 2019 for consideration and decided to review it. To beef up this post I also wrote a couple of short paragraphs what is my personal take on subscription services in general. This post includes spoilers (obviously) as I’m quickly sharing my initial thoughts about each product. Hope you enjoy!

*Beauty Box kindly gifted for review, my thoughts are honest and my own!

August LookFantastic ‘Heatwave’ Beauty Box Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

My Thoughts on Subscription Services

I think there are two kinds of people when it comes to subscription services: all in or very picky. I’d say I’m the latter as I’m very sceptic if I’d actually use or benefit from a continuous service. Moreover I’m constantly trying to be more considerate about accumulating more stuff, especially things I don’t need or want. I don’t have my own Netflix, HBO, Spotify, any magazine subscriptions.. Only things I can thing of I renew monthly/annually are my climbing gym membership, VPN and online cloud space.

I used to be a subscriber to a bi-monthly eco beauty box, but since the price with shipping to EU was pretty hefty I decided to quit once there came a sneak peeks of a box I didn’t care for. But I would considerate subscribing again, if the service was well-curated. My favorite type of a box is 1-3 full size items vs samples. I’m the type of person that believes samples should be free or gifts with purchase, not something I want to blindly order online and get delivered to my door.

Last year I wrote about a beauty box service Glamlin where the contents were personally curated to you (but delivered blindly) and in the end I didn’t want to repurchase any of the items. I got to say I was sceptic when getting a press sample of the LookFantastic box.

August LookFantastic ‘Heatwave’ Beauty Box Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

How LookFantastic Beauty Box Works

You’ll pay a monthly fee of £15.00/€20 or a 3/6/12 month rolling subscription; longer subscriptions are obviously little cheaper. You’ll get a fresh Elle magazine (the size is a bit more compact) and 6 products with the total worth of over £50/€85. The items can be full-size or sample sizes, new trends or just updates to your beauty routine. Your subscription is automatically renewed, but you may unsubscribe at any time. Read more here or in Finnish täällä!

LookFantastic August 2019 ‘Heatwave’ Beauty Box

Sadly, looks like the peak of Finnish heatwave was in July this year, but I wanna stay optimistic and enjoy August to the fullest! Summer is not over. No, and I’m not in self-denial.. One thing that made an impression on me when I received the box is how LookFantastic uses only paper and cardboard packaging. There’s no plastic bubble wrap, only paper shreds of sort that protect the items. Everything looks beautiful and put together, like a gift. There’s even a matching silk paper wrapping and sticker that you won’t see everything right away, which adds a touch of elegance to the box. Love!

Anyway, the box comes with the latest Elle magazine, which I’m not reviewing, but lets just quickly say that if I love the compact size and if I had to pick a women’s fashion/beauty magazine in English or Finnish, it’d most likely be Elle or Trendi (in Finnish). There’s also LF Beauty Box ‘Edit’ with tips and tricks and the six products, which I’m going to reveal next..

August LookFantastic ‘Heatwave’ Beauty Box Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


This brush impressed me with its quality. Usually I’m partial to only Japan-made brushes, but from time to time there’s a synthetic brush from Western brands. Oddly I couldn’t find the Tapered Highlighter Brush 737 from LookFantastic website, but the prices were around £30/€33. Fairly pricey for a basic synthetic brush, but it is soft. Not as soft and lovely as my ITCosmetics brushes, but those are even more on the pricy side. I really enjoy the handle, it sits easily on my hand. The brush held well together when I washed this and I’m look forward trying it.


This palette was a mehh for me. Highlighting palettes are usually not my thing and the packaging/quality seemed cheap, so I swatched only one shade in the case I wanted to give this away.. and I will. The color swatched very sheerly. But this might be an OK addition to a youngster’s makeup bag or for someone who doesn’t want their glow to be seen from the space.


I’m not going to even try this as I’m all about my Snow White complexion, but I could immediately think of a family member, who’d love this for some added tan and glow without UV radiation. 25ml seems to be enough to decide if you like the product or not.

August LookFantastic ‘Heatwave’ Beauty Box Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog
August LookFantastic ‘Heatwave’ Beauty Box Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


Now this mask I enjoyed a lot! The sizing was generous, which I like, and the sheet was packed with a lot of hydrating essence. There was a lot of extra to slather on décolletage or legs, as I usually do. If you find sheet masks are too expensive or wasteful for a daily/weekly treat I might use this mask for 20 mins, put it back to the original packaging and let it sink more essence for one re-use. Loved this was vegan! Sadly, Natura Herb masks are not carried on LookFantastic, I hope they’ll consider adding it to their selection.


Yeah, another item I’m skipping. Not my kind of shade, I think a friend will enjoy this more than I do.


I have a soft spot for Rituals body products. Their scrubs and scents are amazing, plus they don’t break the bank. We used to get Rituals products only online or abroad, but there is a nice selection now available in Finland. I think I’ll save this for my gym or swimming bag as the 100ml is a perfect size to carry around, but not too skimpy for a subscription box. Flamingo flower and pink grapefruit is quite a feminine and sweet scent, maybe a bit sickly, but the texture is spot on nourishing and sinks in quickly.

Total value of this months box according to the BeautyBox Edit: £92,79 / ~€100.47

August LookFantastic ‘Heatwave’ Beauty Box Review | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Final Thoughts on the LookFantastic Heatwave Beauty Box

You might enjoy LookFantastic Beauty Box if..

  • You already read Elle Magazine

  • Enjoy a little monthly “treat to yourself” and enjoy surprises

  • Consider purchasing a gift (especially good for young beauty enthusiasts)

  • Like to get value for your money

  • Need or enjoy minis for travel

I think I’m not the best target group for this box service as I’m so picky with my beauty products.. I think most of these items I will donate to a family member. This is too bad because I did prefer like the ‘Hydration Beauty Box’ from July much better, but since the press sample got delivered to me quite late I decided to not post about it. LookFantastic’s Limited Edition boxes on the other hand seem right up my alley, they are luxurious, you see what you’ll get and feature some amazing brands like NEOM or Omorovicza LE boxes!

What did you think about this month’s LookFantastic box? Do you subscribe to any services or beauty boxes?