SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 GENKOUAKANE & 124 TOUKIYOU Review and Swatches

I was thinking are the Spring makeup launches rolling in too early (while it’s snow and icy in Helsinki)? But then again I’m done with Winter, the longest season in Finland, which does affect our mood negatively.. I’m all prepared for increasing daylight, sunshine and tulips! These new SUQQU palettes are a splash of Spring, combining exciting and fresh colors with the classic SUQQU formula and shimmers. One palette was PR gifted to me, the other my friend Iris kindly bought for me in Kyoto. Enjoy the swatches and review!

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 Genkouakane 124 Toukiyou | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

SUQQU Desgigning Color Eyes Spring 2019

SUQQU Spring Color Collection 2019 came out with two new eyeshadow palettes: one permanent (12 GENKOUAKANE*) and one limited edition (124 TOUKIYOU). In the spirit of bright Spring, these palettes feature pastel hues of pink, mint green, icy blue and yellow. In a classic SUQQU manner these palettes symbolize both femininity and strength. Prized £46/¥7344 for 5.6g, available in the UK in Selfridges, Harrods and Fenwick Bond Street.

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 Genkouakane | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


The promotional pictures of 12 幻光茜 GENKOUAKANE (“dreamy light of red”) don’t do justice for this palette, IRL it’s a true stunner. Pigmented, fresh, packed with shimmers that adhere on the lid. This palette reminds me of blooming sakura and plum trees in Tokyo. The combination of green and pink is playful, sweet and refreshing. They go together seamlessly, complimented by the brown.

The performance of this palette is excellent. The green has a certain iridescence to it, making it beautiful to layer with other shades or use as a creative pop of color, like I did in my Valentine’s Makeup Look. In the pan I can see some multi-colored shimmers (yellow, pink), but on the skin the main color is minty green. While the top right pink shade is also a shimmery one, I’d consider the darker red a satin and the brown a satin-matte. All of them have great pigmentation and blendability. SUQQU is one of those brands that wear max ~8 hours on my hooded lids (with primer)upå+, after that minor creasing may happen. No fallout.

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 124 Toukiyou | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog


This palette has a splash of icy pink with yellow-orange and fresh looking browns. I think making 124 透葵陽 TOUKIYOU (“transparent hollyhock sunshine”) the permanent palette would have made more sense to the conservative customers, but then again SUQQU already has a good amounts of palettes with a splashes of blue (05 Aoshizuku, 07 Hisuikou, 09 Ryogetsu and 10 Yuuakane), although nothing as fresh and Spring-like as this. The light brown is like glistening sand and the red-based medium brown makes a nice crease or lash line color.

Just like 12 Genkouakane this palette stole my heart. While the icy blue is also iridescent, I feel the multicolored shimmers are more visible compared to the mint green. This icy blue is not exactly a duo-chrome shadow, but does switch a little pink when the light hits it. The orange shade packs a punch, I’d say the base color is on the orange side but there is golden yellow shimmers. Just like 12 Genkouakane, 124 Toukiyou’s bottom right brown is a satin-matte. Again, no fallout.


SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 Genkouakane Swatches


Iridescent, shimmery fresh mint green
Pale sweet pink
Satin rose red with pink undertones
Matte medium chocolate brown

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 124 Toukiyou Swatches

124 透葵陽 TOUKIYOU

Iridescent pale baby blue
Light nude with golden shimmer
Yellow-based orange
Light brown with red undertones

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 12 Genkouakane 124 Toukiyou | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Overall thoughts

These palettes are true winners, I’m so happy with both in formula and color combinations. If there was a small con, I think the glue in my palettes is a bit soft (note: these palettes CAN be easily depotted by sticking a pin to a hole on the backside), but fortunately not too soft that the pans would pop out by themselves.

These palettes reminded me how SUQQU shadows have an unique softness and glide that make the shimmery textures so complimentary (even on mature lids, I’ve read). This unique soft texture could be what decreases the lasting power on my hooded lids a little bit, but I do prefer Japanese powder formulas. Speaking of powder, SUQQU is coming out with new pressed powders… I’m so excited!

Have you tried SUQQU makeup? Which palette is your favorite?

*Palette 12 Genkouakane was kindly sent for consideration.
My thoughts are my honest and my own.