SUQQU SS18 Pure Color Blushes in 09 AYAKAGEROU and 106 HANAIROKA swatches & review

I can finally feel it - the Spring is here! The days are getting longer and brighter in Helsinki, but unfortunately it's not pretty and blooming just yet (we got snow just this week.. yuck). For me Spring time has always been the most stressful and busy season. On some days I want just crash in bed, maybe it's time for a self-care weekend & blog post soon? When I'm feeling more energized, I've been playing with some new Spring/Summer beauties. I have a lot to share, so stay tuned for upcoming posts! Today I'm sharing two gorgeous blushes from SUQQU's latest collection. 


SUQQU SS18 Kindami collection

The inspiration for SUQQU's SS18 Color collection was inspired by Japanese kimono and "kindami", which is a traditional technique of grazing gold and silver to kimono garments. Very glamorous, radiant and feminine theme - just like SUQQU usually is. The collection is fairly large and consists of eyeshadow palettes, cream eyeshadows, liners, nail polish, totally new lip gloss line, lipsticks and 3 new blushers: 2 permanent and 1 limited edition. See full item lists and descriptions here (SUQQU Atelier Tumblr). I'm reviewing the last blush from this collection once I get my hands on it! The blushes retail £32/$34.00 for 7.5g/0.26oz of product. I bought mine on Selfridges, which ships internationally.


Using Pure Color Blushes

I've talked about SUQQU's blushes multiple times and they are stunning. I haven't met a dry or patchy blush in this formula although I've tried many and in plenty of color variations from both limited editions and permanent collection. I'd say the pigmentation of these blushes is buildable: one swipe with a soft brush (such as squirrel hair) gives only a soft veil of color, but a couple of layers give a good color payoff. The old SUQQU blushes were hard to overdo, but with Pure Color Blushes it's easy to get too excited and keep applying, haha. Luckily these blushes blend beautifully, so you can adjust the opacity and sheen to your liking by adding the control color (right side).

I usually start by adding finishing powder on my cheeks and start building color using the left side. Using swirling motions I either apply the blush on the apples of my cheeks or blend towards the ear for more elongated look. Finally I blend the blush using the right (lighter) side of the blush, diffuse the edges and add a beautiful sheen which also brings dimension to the look. In my demo pictures I'm not wearing a highlighter, just SUQQU's blush! Really liking this formula and how you can adjust the amount of color.

Wearing SUQQU Pure Color Blush in 106 Hanairoka

Wearing SUQQU Pure Color Blush in 106 Hanairoka

Wearing SUQQU Pure Color Blush in 09 Ayakagerou

Wearing SUQQU Pure Color Blush in 09 Ayakagerou

Pure Color Blush in 106 Hanairoka* (Limited Edition)

106 Hanairoka (106 花色香) is a fresh red combined with soft, creamy pink-peach. This blush mimics the natural flush and redness in the skin, as if you had just been outside in crispy air or blushed. Healthy-looking and sophisticated "adult" red; not very sweet despite the lighter end of the blush being a creamier shade. When swatching with finger this blush applies a bit stiffer compared to Ayakagerou, but still easy to blend and apply. Hanairoka doesn't shy away and is easy to over-apply when you get excited about the crispy red tones. The result reminds me of ADDICTION's Cheek Polish in Revenge, except SUQQU's has more sheen and dimension to it. On my skin the look is a bit sunburnt as the shade is close to my natural redness. Sometimes I like this look as it makes me look healthy, but I need to pay more attention to concealing my real redness on my cheeks and perhaps use a foundation with more coverage. I could also adjust the blush better for my skin by using the lighter peachy side of the blush, but usually I get too excited and just slap on the red! I would imagine this blush looks stunning on medium to deeper skin tones as a pop of color.

Pure Color Blush in 09 Ayakagerou

When the sneak peeks of this collection were posted, my eyes went straight to the cool brown-beige blush 09 Ayakagerou (09 彩陽炎). In pictures, it almost looks like a contour and highlight shade, but wasn't marketed as such so I expected the beige side have some micro shimmer. In person 09 Ayakagerou has some reddish undertones, but looks nothing like a bronzer to me. For fair to medium skin tones it looks perfect as a defining "no blush" blush to add depth and definition to the face. Understated, but a very beautiful shade that compliments multiple lip and eye looks: imagine a strong red lip and glossy eyes or perhaps dark smokey eyes and mauve lips with this blush!



09 AYAKAGEROU - cool, muted brown with slightly red beige undertones with champagne highlighter-y side

106 HANAIROKA (LE) - bright healthy red with a pinky highlighter shade, combines to a chic reddish pink

Final thoughts

SUQQU's blushes don't disappoint and I'm especially smitten with 09 Ayakagerou. I have my eyes on 09 Momodaidai, which I will surely grab when it comes available again online. Despite being limited edition, I've recently seen 106 Hanairoka this on SUQQU's Japanese website - your best chance to grab it is to email a counter or a personal shopper. The blended side is quite near 03 Sumiayasake, which was also recently discontinued.

How do you like SUQQU's new blushes? Did you decide to get any?

*Pure Color blush in 106 Hanairoka was kindly gifted by SUQQU UK for a review. My thoughts are my own!