SUQQU SS18 Designing Color Eyes Palette 09 RYOGETSU review

There's nothing like SUQQU's new collection: the anticipation, I can feel my heart pounding when I see the promo pics, eager waiting of release and hitting refresh on the web shop. In SS18 I think the star were lip glosses and face products although there were 3 new eyeshadow palettes as well: 2 permanent and 1 limited edition. The limited edition got sold on Selfridges in a blink of an eye, but I actually found the blue-green permanent quad the most interesting although they aren't my go-to colors. SUQQU UK team kindly sent 09 Ryogetsu for me to try, here are my thoughts below!

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 09 Ryogetsu flatlay
SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 09 Ryogetsu

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 09 Ryogetsu

SUQQU's Spring 2018 collection takes inspiration from 'Kindami', which is a traditional Japanese technique of grazing silver and gold to kimono garments. This collection is serene with harmonious colors and some luxurious sparkle top-coats. The palette retails £46/~$64/~€52.6 for 0.19 oz/5.6g of product. My favorite place to shop for SUQQU is as they have international shipping. If you shop there a lot, I recommend the Selfridges+ program to save you on shipping costs!

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 09 Ryogetsu

Using Designing Color Eyes 09 Ryogetsu

Now first of all, the 09 Ryogetsu palette is gorgeous to look at. But blue? Khaki? Not the type kind of shades I tend to wear on daily basis. But, SUQQU tends to make magic with every color there is, so I was willing to give it a go. Plus, I wasn't too interested in the other 2 quads as the permanent collection already had many neutral tones and ADDICTION sells a similar single shadow as the gorgeous shock pink in the SUQQU LE quad. 

My brush sinks into 06 Ryogetsu, leaving a dent but there isn't major powder kick-off. I'd say the shadows are definitely soft, silky, almost - but not quite - buttery, as despite the dent you won't go through these shadows in an instant. The pigmentation is medium but buildable, on my fair skin the lightest ice blue shade doesn't transfer as wonderfully as the others.

The upper right corner glitter is more like a top coat than subtle sheen like in older generation SUQQU quads; this glitter is here and wanting attention! Although the glitters are big, I don't find the texture chunky or any fallout on my cheeks during the day. Think about Tom Ford glitter top coats: they're visible, attention-grabbing, but not wet, gaudy or all over the place. Best applied with your ring finger in my opinion!

The blue is beautiful, shy, but leaves a beautiful trace when layered with the more shimmery taupe shade. I can see it's still there, but perhaps not everyone. This is why I wish the blue had a bit more pigmentation, but I guess it will transfer better on medium to deeper skin tones (I'd love to see that!) The cool taupe is just lovely and I want to apply it everywhere. See it layered with the glitter in the picture below!

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 09 Ryogetsu Swatches


Ice blue - Icy sea foam blue, satin
Taupe - Brown-grey taupe, leaning cool, satin
Khaki - Neutral khaki shade leaning brown, satin
White - White transparent glitter

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 09 Ryogetsu MOTD

Makeup of the day

Very basic look where I've applied the icy blue as a base shade, taupe to the outer V and crease layered with khaki to emphasis the outer corner. I like to dab the white shimmer shade with my finger on the highest part of the 'eye ball' and let it catch light. I've noticed that this type of look suits my eye shape the best, although I love darker, more smudged lash you often see in Japanese magazines and promo pics. Blush SUQQU 109 Hanairoka (reviewed here) - new SUQQU lip gloss reviews coming soon! (I took this picture before cutting my hair, in the case you noticed it is shorter in a couple of previous posts).

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 09 Ryogetsu flatlay

Final thoughts

I think 09 Ryogetsu is a gorgeous palette, I'm really glad I got to try newer colors for me, which I haven't reached as often in the past (that's going to change NOW!). I very much enjoy the subtle color harmony and the glitter top coat. Despite preferring SUQQU's more pigmented palettes, like the new 116 Shakuyousa (review here), the likes of 09 Ryogetsu with its satin textures and a pop of glitter is what I reach for the most in everyday life. Hard to go wrong with this chic, subtle, office-friendly palette. I only wish I could come up with more creative looks with this quad. I'm open for suggestions!

Do you wear a lot of khaki? Ever tried icy blue or glittery top coat? Let me know! xx

The featured product was kindly provided for consideration.
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