My New Haircut: From Bob to Pixie! + MOTD

In my mid-twenties I settled to a classic short bob cut, which I've been rocking for years. I love a good bob cut - it's for me it's feminine yet playful, artsy and rebellious. In today's post I'm showing you my 'drastic' change and the inspirations behind it! Enjoy!

Natalie Portman in Leon The Professional

Natalie Portman in Leon The Professional

Mia Farrow (source: Time)

Mia Farrow (source: Time)

Background & Inspirations

When I was younger I always had long, thick hair, but I fancied a shorter style. When I entered high school I was fed up with people telling me "never cut your hair" as if they had anything to say how to live my life.  So I chopped my hair and started dying it (mostly black) and cut it to odd short forms, inspired by Japanese J-rockers. Looking back, those looks were awful, but it was my way to express myself haha. I've always loved bangs and finally tried a short and sleek bob, which became my signature look.

After I moved back from Japan I was obsessed with Japanese actress/model Kiko Mizuhara. Not only she's fun and gorgeous, but rocked the most perfect long bob - so I decided to stop dying my hair and grow out my bangs. I've had bangs most of my adult life so it didn't take me long to cut them back, which I haven't regretted. 

When it comes to hair, I have a couple of style icons that haven't changed in years. Many have described my hair is like Audrey Tautou's in Amélie, but honestly my inspiration has always been young Natalie Portman in Léon: The Professional (one of my favorite movies to date). Short bob cut with super short bangs, sometimes nape of the neck shaved to an angle. My other style idol is 60s model Twiggy, but her hair style wouldn't suit me in my opinion. After late-night reference photo browsing on Pinterest, I found a lovely image of young Mia Farrow, which made my jaw drop.

I've seen Rosemary's Baby when I was young, but had completely "forgotten" about her short pixie look. Soon I found other actresses and models with a similar cut and became obsessed with the look (and I use the word 'obsessed' very carefully). Over 70% on my Instagram poll voted for the pixie cut, so here we are.. From the dirty post-summer cottage, post-swimming bob cut to a much shorter style:


What do you think? I got comments that my hair looks darker after the sun-bleached ends were cut off. I kinda like it. It took me a couple of days to recognize myself in the mirror and I'm positive the hair will look more natural in a week or two once the bangs won't be as even and the back of my head won't point in every direction. I have new hair styling skills to master! I had just learned how to do curls with a straightener, now I need to practise styling with round brush and blow-dryer.


Eyeshadow: Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow base*, matte brown SURRATT singles (Truffle etc)
Eyeliner: SUQQU liquid eyeliner duo* (discontinued)
Brows: Viseart 'Structure' palette
Base: SUQQU Nude Wear Liquid in 101 (review coming soon!)
Cheeks: JLo for Inglot (J139 Cocoa5*) for contour, Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera blush
Highlight: Burberry Fresh Glow in White
Powders: Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous (review here) and Laura Mercier Translucent loose powder
Lips: ADDICTION by Ayako matte lip crayon in 'Paprika'

*items PR gifted for consideration


I can't wait to wear lots of lipstick and feminine dresses to balance this look! 'Mickey' t-shirt is byy R/H (a lovely Finnish brand) and skull&bones earrings Vivienne Westwood (lol I'm not a style blogger, but if you were curious).

Which hair style do you prefer on me?Have you ever done a pixie cut or a "drastic" change?