Happy Holidays!

Hi loves! Wishing you a great holiday season with my newest painting (featuring Clara, gingerbread men and Mouse soldier from the Nutcracker ballet).

Claire and the | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

Wether or not you celebrate Christmas, I hope you can take some time off to enjoy yourself. In Finland we got a white Christmas for once!! It’s snowy and bright while I’m typing this, but cold and frosty at the same time - an idyllic weather to spend some time in the country side with the fam. I’m not a huge holiday person myself, but I don’t mind it either. After Christmas lunch I’ll cozy up in the corner with a hot cup of mulled wine my laptop or Wacom tablet and paint more… lol.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog I apologize the lack of updates in December. Don’t worry, this is only temporary as I have a lot of cool products and post ideas for 2019! Lots of beautiful luxury (and a few bargain) makeup, eco luxury skincare, some opinion pieces, self-care etc.. I’ve been wanting to touch on health subjects as well, but mainly from skin/hair/mental perspective. I have a huge empties post coming up and I’m thinking of doing a general favorites of 2018 post as well.

So why the radio silence? I don’t think I’ve mention this but this Fall/Winter I started doing more freelance photography (while trying to continue my studies..), but come December I’ve been very immersed with my digital painting as well… and.. fallen in love. ;) There you go. In 2019 I hope to find a good balance and work towards doing photography and painting full-time! While blogging regularly, of course.

Best wishes,

Laura xx