Beauty edit for February 2017

Last November I did a Winter Wishlist post, which I remember being well received (the comments have disappeared after I switched to using Disqus). It was a fun post to put together and I ended up picking up a couple of the items during the Holidays - the others are still on my wish list. Instead of day dreaming about beauty products I thought I'd put together a different beauty list: what's been on my radar for the past month. Not only I get to share and keep a track of my interests, but perhaps you can share your experiences in the comments below!

Face balms

I'm obsessed. Not only balm cleansers, but leave on beauty balms. I'm currently typing away my first review and I have 3 other in my stash. I'm crazy about the texture, look, scent and feel of beautiful eco beauty balms. The cold Finnish Winter months, ocean wind and prescription tretinoid has left my skin parched. As much as I like applying many steps of hydrating layers with toners and lotions, I've noticed a layer of a luscious balm makes a major difference in my skin - especially layered with a facial oil.


I've been contemplating wether I should do one of these posts. Basically anti-haul is a list of "the shit you're not going to buy". As social media beauty gurus and influencers constantly tell us to buy buy and buy more, an anti-haul takes a humorous, over-exaggerated spin to capitalism and consumerism and tell you why you don't need X, not going to buy it. Brought to media attention by YouTuber Kimberly Clark, a hysterically funny drag queen. I highly recommend you check out her videos!

Spread sheets

This year I'm trying to be a better consumer in many aspects, one being sensible when I purchase an expensive skincare item. As there are many gorgeous products on my radar, I'm not only keeping an eye on the INCI but also the price tag in euro/dollar/pound and how many ml/oz you get. Spread sheets help me to keep a proper track of the currencies of interesting products, ingredients, product open dates and my ratings.

Oil serums

After trying out the Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Serum (review here) a totally new world of luxurious, oil based eco beauty serums opened its doors for me. I talked about the Vintner's Daughter in my Winter Wishlist post, but the hefty price tag has made me postpone my purchase. Also, I have several other beautiful face serums on my radar like the Mahalo Vitality Elixir, Lina Hanson Global Face Serum and May Lindstrom The Youth Dew. So many beautiful serums, only one face!

Tom Ford Summer 2017

Lately I've been more into skincare than new make up releases, the Spring collections just haven't spoken to me (except for the new SUQQU collection: first review here). But then I saw sneak peeks of the upcoming Tom Ford Summer releases, which crazily enough were ready for pre-order in February. I could feel my heart pounding faster. I love Summer 2016 Bicoastal cheek palette, so I'm excited for the new duos and cream and powder eyeshadows. Give me all that glitters! Haha

Vogue Beauty Secrets

I'm "a little" addicted watching beauty videos on YouTube, but sometimes I'm astonished how many drag queen make up techniques are required to get ready. Mind you, I also wear a lot of make up and there's nothing wrong with it, but I could imagine not everyone have the time, energy or skill to do baking and elaborate cut creases every day. Vogue's Beauty Secrets are casual get ready with me videos with some of the most gorgeous women on the planet. They make it look so effortless, easy and damn chic. I could play these videos on repeat. I especially love watching how Karen ElsonDree Hemingway and Jessica Jung get ready.

What were your beauty highlights in February? Any oil serum recommendations for me?

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