Masks in my rotation reviewed

Who doesn't love a good face mask? I'm a fan of quick weekday pampering sessions and I do them regularly instead of saving masking for a special occasion. It takes relatively little time as I can go about my business while the mask dries or treats. I don't think masks are a must-have like a good cleanser or a serum, if you're on a budget I'd invest in just one according to your skin type or concerns.

NIOD Flavanone Mud

NIOD FM claims to work in three phases: purifying surface impurities, decongest and protect against environmental congestion factors for skin health and sustainable purity and glow. This red mud mask tingles on the skin, leaving it firm and supple without being drying. The tingling reduces after multiple uses. I'm quite liking this mask despite its strong smell - full review will follow.

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

I should've read the name more carefully, I just picked up a mini size on a whim from Sephora in Denmark. I am not convinced a product works just because it tingles, but I can take the strong tingling sensation. I liked the mask until it dried up and was time to rinse it off: the exfoliating particles didn't soften up at all and felt quite harsh, like rubbing sandpaper on my skin. After rinsing the mask my face was a bit red, firmer, but not moisturised. I far prefer the NIOD FM mask and think I'm going to pass on Glamglow.

Clarins hydraquench cream mask

Overnight mask or a "sleeping pack" like Asian masks tend to read, Clarins hydraquench is a tricker cream you apply as last step in your evening skincare routine. Most of the cream sinks in but leaves the skin feeling a bit sticky, which I'm not a huge fan of in overnight masks. It's nice and moisturising, sealing all my other skincare products in, but not a necessary step. I'd far prefer a luxurious cream with more anti-ageing ingredients. I'm glad I got the deluxe sample size first.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I purchased this mask after hearing a lot hype about Origins masks, but I'm not totally convinced. Again in a sleeping pack style, I apply it as last step in my evening routine, sealing all the serums and oils inside. With this I don't feel I need a separate moisturiser, but again, I do prefer a heavier night cream that sink in. In the mornings when I wash my face there is a film of sorts on my face. The texture is lighter than Clarins, if I had to pick between the two I'd go for Origins. Not a bad mask, but not interesting enough that I'd repurchase. The scent resembles mango yogurt.

My Beauty Diary Honey Mask

Now this mask is real skin entertainment. Out of all five masks this has the most interesting and fun texture! The mask resembles real liquid honey, has a mild scent and it heats up when you apply it on your face. The mask feels nourishing and moisturising, but not overly so. I think oilier skin types could also enjoy this mask, for me it's not quite moisturising enough I'd repurchase. Fun on cold days or in the sauna.

As you've noticed, I'm more a fan of masking rather than my actual wash-off masks. I use masks to relax and they act as a nice pick-me-up when my skin needs it. With sheet masks I usually get what I've paid for and enjoy them as often as I can.  What's your favorite wash-off mask? Any recommendations?

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