What to buy from Rouge Bunny Rouge

I.e. starter's guide to one of my favorite brands I keep getting "what should I get" type of questions, so I thought it'd be helpful if I wrote a dedicated blog post. You could ask yourself a question: what do I need? Rouge Bunny Rouge has got you covered. So far I have never been disappointed or even encountered a "mehh" product. To me, that's quite impressive. RBR seems to have a really high standards for their product launches and won't come out with limited edition every single season. Here are some of my top picks and product recommendations if you fancy to try out RBR - with a discount code at the end of the post.

Raw Garden Antigo Palette

You may know how hyped up RBR matte shadows are, but in my opinion, Antigo is even better. I'd dare to call it one of the best neutral eye quads on the market. Silky soft formula and good, buildable pigmentation. The unique matte-satin finish will be a gorgeous addition to any make up lover's collection. Read more in my review here. 

Impalpable Finishing Powder in Diaphanous 

A must have. If you want a silky, fairy dust -like finishing powder or set your under eye concealer with no fear of caking, then Diaphanous is your powder. Translucent, great packaging, diminishes the appearance of pores. I've dedicated a whole post to this powder and my beloved Chikuhodo Z-2 brush, click here for full review and pictures.

Original Skin Blush - For love of Roses

One of my very favorite blush formulas, I can't rave about these enough. Pigmented, extra finely milled and almost buttery soft powders to touch. These blushes blend effortlessly and leave a natural glow on the cheeks without chunky glitter. Carefully picked shades for "my cheeks but better" make up looks. See all blushes swatched and reviewed in my earlier post.

Sheer Lipstick - SUCCULENCE OF DEW

The name 'sheer' is a little misleading, as these lipsticks do pack a punch. They can be applied sheerly for a transparent of color, but layered for more intense pigment. The lipsticks are very moisturizing and leave your lips looking juicy, while feeling featherlight on the lips.

Milk Aquarelle Foundation

If you love healthy, dewy finish then this is a foundation for you. The gel-like texture feels nourishing on the skin, without being heavy. Light-medium coverage hides any imperfection giving the skin a beautiful natural look. Especially good for dry skin types, but the shade range is very limited. Read my full review here.

Use RBR-LAURALOUKOLA20 discount code to get 20% off your order (for a limited time)! Again, I'm not affiliated, sponsored and gain no commission for promoting this code or products. The links are for your convenience.

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