SUQQU EX-36 Fuyusumire review and swatches

Today I have another item to show you from SUQQU UK's 10th Anniversary Holiday Collection, the beautiful purple eye quad EX-36 Fuyusumire. The collection is designed by the talented make up artist, Jorge Balzaretti. I know the demand was higher than expected for these items, especially eyeshadows, and there were issues with Selfridges website on the launch date and unfortunately not everyone got a hold of them. I'd like to share my own personal ordering experience and of course - swatches and review of the items. Click here to see my photos and review of EX-35 Yukitsubaki, the lipsticks review will also be up soon!

Ordering process

Back in August when the first press sneak peeks of the collection were released, I placed an email reservation on EX-36 Fuyusumire. I exchanged a couple of emails with SUQQU staff, and ended up reserving the two lipsticks as well. I don't have many lipsticks of this formula and they were just too pretty to miss. Later, due to the high demand, SUQQU announced on Instagram and via an email newsletter that they will have an online reservation for both counters and International mail order. I was unsure if my older reservation was still valid, so on the reservation day I kept refreshing SUQQU UK's website. Unfortunately there was a humane error and the form came online an hour earlier than announced (London time vs GTM), but after 45 minutes the eyeshadows came back online. By my mistake, I took the risk of placing duplicate order despite knowing my reservation could get cancelled, and waited anxiously for reply.

I got my reservation confirmation email within the promised 3 working days, maybe two days before the official launch. The SUQQU staff checked my contact details and told me the launch date might be very hectic, so she called me personally the next day and took my credit card info because I didn't feel safe sharing it online. She even phoned me again to verify my order was a success, card info is now deleted and estimated delivery time. She was very kind, professional and I was so appreciative of the International phone call. I had not mentioned that I was a blogger, I think SUQQU just honoured my early reservation.

Fuyusumire EX-36

Originally the palette was supposed to be a Summer release, but I feel the coolness of the colors and shimmer work well all year around. Since this palette was UK only release, there's no kanji name, but according to SUQQU the translation is a winter violet, which is a small petaled flower growing across hills and and fields. Just like EX-35 Yukitsubaki this palette features 3 mattes and one shimmer shade (upper left corner).


I think Fuyusumire nails the matte formulation. I was fearing the lilac and purple brown would have the same stiffness I experienced with the darkest matte of EX-32 Rengazome, but Fuyusumire applies effortlessly without skipping on the lid. This is how all high end mattes should perform! The eyeshadows have the perfect balance of softness and firmness, I'd call the feel 'silky' instead of 'buttery'. You get just the right amount of shadow when dipping your brush into the pan.

The pigmentation is like with all SUQQU palettes: sheer-medium, easily to build and layer. The pale mint green is quite pale and sheer though, and doesn't really show up on my lids. I'd assume it would look amazing on tan/medium to dark skin tones, but on my lids you can't see the color. There's no powder kickback, but the pinky glitter shade has some loose sparkle fallout if you don't tap your brush before applying on the lid. In general, any fallout is a no-no to me, but if it can be avoided by simple tapping and I won't have glitter on my face after 8h wear it's good in my book. SUQQU wears nicely ~8h without creasing.


- Palest milky mint green, very light and sheer
- Perfect pale lilac
- Dark purple with hints of dark chocolate and dusty mauve
- Icy pink with silver shimmer

Color layering

- Pale mint and purple makes the minty green more opaque
- Dark purple "brown" layered with pale purple turns the shade into deeper shade of purple
- "Brown" and shimmery pink bring out mauves from the darker shade, accompanied by sweet silver shimmers.

Yukitsubaki and Fuyusumire comparison

I was requested on IG to compare the two pinks in this collection and figured out I'd show the difference with the "browns" as well. Yukitsubaki's brown is fairly neutral chocolate brown but looks much warmer and red in comparison. Fuyusumire is actually a dark eggplant purple, with again some pinky mauve in the undertones (at least to my eyes).

Yukitsubaki has a golden pink with a peach sheen. Where as Yukitsubaki is a warmer pink with gold shimmer, Fuyusumire is much cooler, icier pink with silver glitters.

Face of the day

Somewhat traditional look for hooded eyes with dark matte in the crease, lilac all over the lid and pink shimmer on the eyeball as well as in the inner corner. I used the mint green as a base all over the lid, but it's not really visible. Yes, I feel very safe using the colors this way, but the perfectly picked purples make it very fresh, cute and feminine even against my skin tone. I can't wait to try darker, more sultry smokey eyes with this palette! The lipstick is EX-03 Awamomoka from the same collection, worn quite sheer.

Overall impressions

After ordering I sat and wondered if the palette is worth all the hassle and will I be using it as much as I would like. As much as I love SUQQU products there are a couple of palettes I don't reach that often (both have 1 cream shadow). I love the look of purple shadows, but I feel warmer shades compliment my eyes better. After actively playing with the palette I must say I love it. Period. Totally worth of every penny and minute of my time.

I'm smitten with both purple shades and using the shimmer as an accent. I wish the mint green would show up better on my lids, but it does make a perfect cool base for the look. EX-36 Fuyusumire is celebrating the mattes and how they meld together, not as much about complex shimmers or layering. The three mattes make EX-36 Fuyusumire very modern, chic and sophisticated and the pinky glitter shade brings some coy and fun to the palette.

How do you like this palette? Were you able to grab anything from the collection?

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