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Thank you to the giveaway participants! I've got great recommendations for future blog posts, feeling very inspired now. There's still time to submit your entry, good luck! Today, I'm posting about SUQQU again. These items have just been released and I know some of you want to see more swatches and reviews. More make up and skincare posts coming later this week!

I'm quite sad the old SUQQU blushes were discontinued, as I loved the silky soft formula, buildable color and two pans to customise the blush. On the bright side, SUQQU released more shades, decreased the price and didn't abandon the color duos. Today I have two of the five permanent blushes to show you: 03 SUMIASAYAKE (澄朝焼) and 05 YAWAKOUKI (柔光輝). They retail £30/¥5,500(+tax) for 7.5g Available in Selfridges, for example.

The new blush look

Instead of two same sized pans, the new SUQQU blushes have a gradient where main color takes 2/3 of the space and lighter accent color 1/3. SUQQU suggests mixing the two colors together or applying the lighter shade as a wash of color and the darker shade on the apples of the cheeks as a pop of color. Charlotte Tilbury Swish & Pop Blushes follow the same idea, why not. Lighter outer color gives the apples of the cheeks nice blended halo effect. I've also used the darker shade blended towards cheekbones and added the lighter shade as a subtle highlight. The packaging is slim and sleek black compact with a big mirror, comes in velvet pouch.


Unlike many compact applicators, SUQQU mini blush brushes were fairly decent for emergency touch ups and incredibly soft. I think the brush is squirrel (left), but the new ones are synthetic (right). It feels flimsier and I gotta say I'm not a big fan. The price decrease of SUQQU blushes was very welcome, but probably affected the quality of the brush. For most everyday blush users the synthetic one is handy to have, but me being a blush (and blush brush) crazy person I'd prefer to omit the mini brush and have a smaller compact.


What I like about SUQQU blushes they're buildable and very finely milled. No matter how many layers you do the result doesn't look like powdery layer on the top of the skin, but very natural. I think this is thanks to the emollient oils (such as petroleum jelly, jojoba seed oil, beeswax, mineral oil) in the formula. While cycling in rainy Copenhagen the blush faded on me, but on "normal" days the longevity was very good and lasted for the whole day. 

03 Sumiasayake

Sumiasayake's is mainly a hot medium pink, which shifts to a lighter pink with a peachy undertone. All mixed together is a healthy pink flush on the cheek, which is very pretty. There's tiniest amount of microshimmer, almost undetectable to the eye. It gives the blush a gorgeous finish with a light sheen, far away from 'dead flat' matte look. On me Sumiasayake pulls quite neutral and I feel the pink even has some red undertones. If you have lots of redness in your skin I suggest using a proper base or you may look little sunburnt.

05 Yawakouki

This shade is interesting to me.. In the hand swatches it looks like a highlighter, but it's certainly too dark for me. I've been wearing the darkest peach shade as a blush and the glittery pale yellow as a shimmery blush topper. It gives me a lot of sheen which stays on the cheekbones even after the color has started to fade. Far left is a light peach with golden flecks of shimmer, the middle is a champagne with golden shimmer and far right a pale yellow with similar shimmer, almost glittery. If you have a medium to deep skin tone I'm sure this would be a stunner! Very fair skin tones could also wear it as a proper blusher.

Sumiasayake blush motd

Other make up worn: Integrade mascara, SUQQU Treatment Primer, SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation, SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist EX-01 SAE BARA, Viseart brow palette, Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows Rain Dove, Rufous-Tailed Weaver and Alabaster Starling. I'm liking this look a lot!


To be honest, I loved the old blushes and didn't expect to like the new ones as much as I do. They have great formula, sleek packaging and two colors in one is just wonderful. The price point is very decent and I can't get enough of the color combinations I've seen online. Is it too much if I want.. all of them? As soon as my low buy is over I think I need to collect the rest of these blushes. 

What do you think? Eyeing any of the new SUQQU blushes?

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