Suqqu deep nuance eyes EX-03 and EX-04

Deep Nuance eyes is a new limited edition launch for SUQQU's Autumn 2016 collection. I think it's a shame to bring out a gorgeous selection of cream colors without making them permanent, but perhaps SUQQU has other beautiful launches coming to our way? There are totally five shades in the range: a pink, burgundy, beige, brown and grey with various intensities of shimmer. They retail for £22/5g. Today I'll show you EX-03 SHINKICHA (深輝茶) and EX-04 GENSYUKOU (眩朱光)!


The creams come in a sturdy glass pots with black plastic caps. If you're familiar with SUQQU's (or other brands') cream eyeshadow pots, they aren't that different. The pots do come with a small brush-like synthetic applicators which I had good intentions using more than once, but soon got forgotten in my make up pouch.. it does work for dabbing shadow on the lid, but I find fingers or a goat hair brush more efficient.


The texture is a creamy sort of geléé, which is easy to pick up with your tool of choice.  According to SUQQU, the creams contain resilient silicone gel, which makes the texture nicely "bouncy" cushion - unlike Tom Ford's creams that are more like "a whipped" texture. There are also a balance oils in the formula to keep the delicate eyelids moisturised and allow pigment remain full during the day. 


I usually don't apply my make up with fingers, but these creams were so convenient to pick up and apply. One swipe and pat and and you're good to go. Alternatively, goat or synthetic hair brushes work perfectly well, but I wouldn't use squirrel hair as wet textures will damage the delicate hairs. The shadows were easy to blend, but the problem I encountered was building up intensity. The more intense coverage I tried to build, the more shadow got swiped off. I found them best used as a soft veil on the mobile lid, without blending too high in the crease.


EX-03 Shinkincha (深輝茶) roughly translates as deep glittering tea (color) and it does remind me of the color of houjicha, which is roasted Japanese green tea. Again, the name is quite fitting as the warm medium brown has chunks of gold glitter.

Suqqu Deep Nuance Eyes EX-04

EX-04 Gensyukou (眩朱光) translates roughly as dazzling vermillion light, which is quite fitting for this color. I'd call EX-04 Gensyukou a warm red with pink undertone and fine golden shimmer, as you'll see in the swatch below.


Unfortunately the lasting power was disappointing, without primer EX-03 Shinkicha lasted barely 3 hours on me and I had prominent glitter fallout under my eyes. I know glitter fallout could be avoided by doing my base after the eyeshadow, but I'm quite resolved in my method to do base first. Using an eyeshadow primer did decrease the amount of fallout but made little to no difference to the longevity. This was not a big surprise to me, as my hooded lids are highly incompatible with cream formulas.

For science, I tested priming and concentrating the shadows mainly on my mobile lid and setting with a translucent powder. This way the longevity extended around 5 hours before starting to fade around my fine lines, but the look was wearable. EX-04 Gensyukou had significantly less fallout compared to EX-03 Shinkicha. The shadows looked very pretty and application took barely 5 seconds. It's such a shame my hooded lids are highly incompatible with cream formulas.


Here's a look using variety of SUQQU products from the AW/2016 and upcoming collections. I have the limited edition eyeshadow quad EX-32 Rengazome as a base, mainly khaki and brown on the crease, some champagne and red layered on the mobile lid. There I dabbed Deep Nuance Eyes EX-04 Gensyukou with my finger in the centre of my lid, avoiding the crease area and setting with my favorite loose powder+brush combo I talked about here. The blush is SUQQU 03 Sumiayasayake, lipstick Extra Glow Lipstick 05 Saeanzu, liner Liquid Pen Duo in brown and foundation Extra Rich Cream Foundation. I will review all the new products soon (spoiler alert: love them!).


As much as I like the ease of application and colors, anything that creases on my lids is a no go. I know I'm being picky, but same goes with fallout. I do enjoy the product itself, but unfortunately the type didn't work for me. This doesn't necessarily mean SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes are a bad product - if you have no obvious problems wearing cream shadows then I'm sure you would enjoy these pots a lot. They're now released on Selfridges online. I'll keep on experimenting.

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