Addiction Modern Nostalgia eyeshadow collection

Modern Nostalgia is ADDICTION by Ayako's AW2016 collection, which includes limited edition nail polishes, lipsticks, blushes and 6 eyeshadows. I love Addiction eyeshadow colors and formula, but oddly I wasn't expecting any limited edition launches as she already had 99 eyeshadows in her permanent collection. As soon as I saw the teasers and read the inspiration has been a Finnish painter, I asked my dear friend to help me get these. The shadows retail ¥2,160 (tax included) / 1g.


Ayako speaks about her new collection as 'hazy colors' and being inspired by Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946), one of the most famous Finnish painters. Her painting style is naturalism, realism and expressionism. Schjerfbeck is known for her series of self-portraits, the change of their visual style well depicts her tragic life. A lot of her work are displayed in the Finnish National Gallery, Ateneum, which I can highly recommend. I especially like her simplified paintings. The artwork displayed in some of Ayako's IG promo pictures is Schjerfbeck's "Self-portrait with black background" from 1915. 


I popped my eyeshadows in order into an empty Addiction Compact Case II, which retails for ¥1,620(tax included). You can fit 6 shadows or 3 blushes in the case or a combination of both. The depotting itself is easy as there's a small pinhole behind the individual shadow cases for popping out the pans. Unfortunately Addictions "custom palette" design has similar flaws as Surratt shadows - the pans aren't magnetised but have little bit of glue behind them. Not very convenient if you want to re-arrange your shadows.

Here's what the packaging looks from the top. There's a neat Addiction inscription on the cover. The Compact Cases also come for 4 shadows or 2 blushes. As I've accumulated a fair collection of Addiction shadows during the years, I decided to label mine after the one of the shadows.


Addiction shadows are one of my favorite formulas. They apply beautifully without being patchy and adhere to the lids very well. There's rarely any fallout with more glittery shades. Most Japanese eyeshadows are on the sheer and shimmery side, but Addiction provides a variety of finishes to mattes, pearls and glitters. I especially love Addiction's matte formula, as it's easy to blend and build. The intensity of shadows are medium-sheer: you get a very nice, workable amount of color once you dip a brush into the pan. The shadows are soft, not exactly 'buttery', but won't kick off excess powder. 


Is a beautiful iridescent baby blue with pearl beige dots.


Dark sea green with almost undetectable green micro shimmer.


A yellow ochre with fine golden micro shimmer.


A pearl finish taupe with silver micro glitter and a hint of purple undertones.


A medium pearl grey with greenish undertones and silver shimmer.

Dancer in the Dark 105

A deep forest green with cool undertones and very fine multi colored micro shimmer. The pan has a flecks of red. This was the only shade I had some issues to work with, it doesn't apply or swatch as strong and smoothly as the others.


Although I'm not a big fan of green or blue eyeshadows, I very much like the color palette of this collection. Adding forest green or ocean blue to the crease or lower lash line gave a nice twist to my usual warm neutral looks. I find it easier to venture out from my comfort zone with a shadow formula that I know and love. I don't know if I had purchased all these shadows if they weren't inspired by Helene Schjerfbeck, but I'm glad I did.