Three from THREE: Shimmering Lip Jams review and swatches

In this next instalment of Three from THREE I have their popular Shimmering Lip Jams to show you. Actually, I'm cheating a little and swatching you all the four shades I have. While the rest of the Western world has gone wild about matte liquid lipsticks, I've fallen in love with lip gloss. It's easy, effortless and doesn't emphasise my dry lips as well matte formulations do. THREE is quite famous of their Shimmering Lip Jams, they're among their best sellers and have won awards in various Japanese beauty magazines. Available in 20 colors, one retailing ¥3,000 + tax.


The formula is a light weight gloss with no stickiness whatsoever, simply lovely on the lips. The gloss won't completely repel your hair from sticking to your lips on a windy day, but if you've tried RMK lip glosses, they're definitely stickier. The finish isn't a gloopy glassy gloss, but more natural healthy, dewy sheen on the lips. When I think of a lip gloss, I think of something sparkly and very sheer, but unlike the name suggests, there's no visible shimmer or glitter particles in the shades that I have. I'd say a generous layer of Shimmering Lip Jam will give a beautiful tint to the lips and you can tell the difference between shades in the range.

The glosses wear nicely on the lips for a couple of hours if you don't eat or drink, but needs to be reapplied during the day - less stick unfortunately often means less lasting power. I don't notice any scent/taste with this glosses, which I like. Like most THREE products, the lip glosses have plenty of organic botanical oils (tea seed, argan, jojoba, evening primrose, rosehip oil, shea butter and beeswax). The feel is lightly moisturising, but not oily, slippery or overly balmy.


The glosses come in a square shaped transparent 'tube' with THREE printed on the side. I quite like this shape as it won't roll off the table and the color is easily visible. The applicator is a quite standard doe foot applicator: round edges, long and straight, a bit thickened near the wand. The gloss glides on your lips so easily you could apply with your eyes closed. The packaging isn't re-inventing the wheel, but works. The cap is THREE's signature matte grey.


Excuse me for my chapped lips! I applied all glosses two layers for more intense color. The intensity in each one is about the same. I wasn't very precise with my application, but at least you get an idea of the 'jam' texture. You can definitely smoothen out the color for more even finish.

08 Red Shoe Twist

Gorgeous medium, true red shade. One of the best sellers ranked by iVoce magazine, if I recall right. If you love red lipstick but don't want to make a bold statement every time you wear one, this lip gloss is for you. Also gorgeous for topping a lip pencil or a matte lipstick.

THREE 11 Cranberry Crunch lip swatch

11 Cranberry Crunch

My favourite shade. Judging by the tube I expected 11 Cranberry Crunch to be very intense, but after seeing swatches in a Japanese blog I knew I'd have to try it. A juicy, cranberry wine color.

15 Dreamers Awaken

Definitely my most worn shade. Natural cooler pink shade that looks great with any outfit or make up look. In this picture it doesn't look as pigmented as the others, but is a pretty, fresh cool toned pink in real life.

16 Color of Soul

Pretty coral orange with a slightly cool/neutral undertone. The shade isn't too warm to make my teeth look yellow, and compliments very nicely a variety of make up looks without being too in your face.


After getting just 1 THREE Shimmering Lip Jam I had to ask my friend to purchase me three more, as I loved the formula and color range so much. I can easily justify owning them all, as there's a clear distinguish between the shades. I must admit I haven't tried many high end lip glosses, but I'm very drawn to THREE. I've worn these a lot especially when my lips were dry and chapped. I wish the formula would apply perfectly even with one swipe, but it doesn't take much effort to rub your lips together to get an even finish. In real life it hasn't bothered me, but I notice it looking at the photos.

Have you tried any lip products from THREE?

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