SUQQU EX-35 Yuki tsubaki

Today I'm delighted to share with you SUQQU UK exclusive Xmas collection palette EX-35 Yuki tsubaki, designed by SUQQU Senior Make Up Artist Jorge Balzaretti. The collection celebrates SUQQU's 10th UK anniversary and includes two limited edition eyeshadow palettes, two eyeliner liquid pen duos (black/brown and black/burgundy) and three Creamy Glow Moist lipsticks (true red, cool pinkish red and universal nude). The palette is made in Japan and retails £45.00 for 4.6g/0.16oz. Launching 6th of October 2016 - mark your calendars!

About the Artist

I had the great opportunity to chat a bit with Jorge, he kindly answered all my questions despite his hectic schedule. He's very smart, sweet and funny in his messages. When I asked what he loves the most about working with SUQQU, he gave the answer SUQQU runs in his blood - despite thinking it would sound corny. Before working for SUQQU, Jorge was already in love with Japan, so translating his inspiration for something real and material in the essence of Japan is a dream job to him. The brand philosophy is so on par with his own vision: taking care of skin prior of doing anything, SUQQU's great quality in cosmetics and being chic, elegant, sexy and niche. If you take a look at Jorge's Instagram, you can see this all these elements translated into pictures with immense talent.

Palette inspiration

Yuki tsubaki translates as Winter Camellia, a flower that blooms even in harsh winter weather. Jorge let me know they were expecting these palettes to be released in Summer 2017, but thanks to the team work of UK and Japan they managed to make it happen for Xmas 2016 - amazing taking into consideration that product development takes at least 24 months for the product to be out on the market. Originally inspired by Japanese summer flowers, Jorge and his colleagues worked very hard to find flowers matching to the initial inspiration. In Japan, camellias often bloom in early Winter and Jorge loved the idea – as it's different and out of ordinary.

Personally to me, I think Yuki tsubaki is more than fitting for the palette and it feels nostalgic to me. When I lived in Tokyo, there used to be deep pink camellias right beside my front door and on the route I cycled to my University. Camellias remind me of the crisp Winter weather, cycling and fulfilling dreams as it was my long-time dream to move to Japan. I think SUQQU team found a beautiful poetic way to capture this palette, combining both strength and beauty.

Yuki Tsubaki EX-35 colors

Although SUQQU is well known for it's complex shimmers, but Jorge's main priorities for the two Xmas LE palettes were mattes. This year's palettes have been shimmer and shine heavy, like EX-29 Koukiori I reviewed here, and according to Jorge there's more to come. UK consumers tend to go more for mattes than shimmers, and working at the stores for events gave Jorge the chance to listen real customers and their needs and wishes. 3/4 of Yuki Tsubaki shadows are matte: only the upper left pale pink champagne shade has visible shimmers. The pale champagne pink isn't the most complex shimmer shade from SUQQU, but makes a nice color topper.


I had some trouble with the dark brown matte shade of EX-32 Rengazome (reviewed here), but EX-32 Yuki Tsubaki performs excellent. The texture is a bit hard, but they apply without being patchy or skipping on the eyelid. When it comes to the application of this palette, I tried placing the pink all over the mobile lid, blending with the brown to create a dark crease. I wasn't really feeling that look and ended up removing my eye make up. I found applying soft layers of eyeshadow and building the look much more suitable for this formula than heavy packing and vigorous blending. The pigmentation is sheer-medium, but the color choices pack a punch with a beautiful contrasting.


- pale pink-white with a cool undertone
- satin/matte pink red with a strawberry hue
- pale pinky champagne shimmer
- rich neutral dark chocolate brown

The 2nd swatch picture was taken in more prominent sunlight. The colors layer incredibly beautifully, I'm so smitten with all the combinations:
- Pink + red combines as a pale baby pink
- Red + brown creates a rich reddish warm brown
- Red shade layered with shimmer emphasises its coolness and makes the color "pop"
- Finally layering the brown with red and shimmer shade creates a gorgeous purple - almost eggplant taupe brown.

1st look using SUQQU EX-35 Yuki tsubaki

In this very pink look I'm wearing Suqqu Extra Rich Cream Foundation in 102 (review), THREE lip gloss 15 Dreamers awaken and Addiction liquid blush in Sensually. Brows Viseart Sructure palette mixing some of the more dark and ashy shades. I love wearing pink eye make up when it's this sophisticated, and the pink shade in EX-35 Yuki tsubaki doesn't make my eyes look eyes blood shot.

2nd look using SUQQU EX-35 Yuki tsubaki

2nd look is a pale pink as a base, deep brown layered in the crease with the pink shade - see below how it transforms almost into an eggplant shade. I have the shimmer and pink shade lightly layered on the mobile lid, no eyeliner. My lipstick is Rouge Bunny Rouge Word of Mouth, blush THREE 11 Dream of a Day, SUQQU Treatment Primer as a base topped with Addiction tinted moisturizer and Armani Fluid Sheer Highlight no.1. Closeup below.


I'm very much in love with this quad, I even dare to say it's one of my favorites. I love it how the colors can be transformed with layering techniques, but there's enough contrast and drama to keep the colors interesting as they are in the pan. Although I mentioned the shimmer lacks certain complexity and the base pink-white shade could be a duped, the palette is beautiful for both subtle and statement looks. Jorge's hard work, talent and passion for make up has transformed into a beautiful quad, and I'm so excited because he has confirmed he's working on future collections for SUQQU. I can't wait to see what Jorge Balzaretti and SUQQU brings us next!

The palette launches on the 6th of October and SUQQU UK is taking reservations via email ( on the 29th of September. 

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