SUQQU eyebrow liquid pen R 02 Brown review

Shopping at Osaka Hankyu, I had to visit their SUQQU counter. If you ever visit the city, I can highly recommend this counter as the staff was very kind and helpful. I even tried their famous gankin massage and had a little makeover, but more about that some other time.

I wanted to try SUQQU's famous brow powder, but I doubted I would ever use the big pan for "nose shadow". I went with liquid pen instead (¥3240 for 0.7ml/0.02 FL OZ), as it would be perfect for touch-ups or travels. I was curious of the 01 Green shade (because, well, green for eyebrows?!), but the SA insisted 02 Brown would suit my medium-brown hair color much better. 01 Green is designed for black hair and 02 Brown for lighter tones.

The brush

The Eye Brow Liquid Pen R is essentially like an eyeliner brush, but for your brows. The brush is quite long and flexible, consisting of tiny little hairs instead of a felt tip marker. It's very easy to use, perfect for drawing little hairs, filling any sparse areas or defining your brow tail. The result is very natural, so if you are a fan of sharp, defined statement brows or have a lot to fill in - I recommend trying a pommade instead.

Swatch and color

02 Brown color is medium ashy brown, and swatches very sheer. I was dubious of the result, but after drawing plenty of individual strokes my brows are nicely filled in and very natural. I only need to comb them with a spoolie and the color lasts the whole day. Literally sticks to skin, I had a hard time to remove the swatch. The SA was right about my the shade match: 02 Brown suits me very well. Unfortunately, I find the tip of the brush gets dirty very easily, and the gunk won't come off after swiping. I also wish the color was a little more pigmented so I could try a bolder look and spend less time drawing the hairs.

Before and after with SUQQU eyebrow liquid pen R. If the pictures don't look that different to you: on the right my brows are less sparse and more defined. But the result is very subtle and hard to distinguish, which is something I like for everyday.


I like the pen, but I'd prefer it to stay clean longer. I'm not reaching for it as much as I hoped to, so I might give the powders a try after all. If you need a waterproof brow make up, are an avid fan of natural brow look and have medium to dark features, look no further!