ADDICTION Blushes: Stylish, Winter blush, Naked Lies and Sweet Dreams

About Addiction

ADDICTION is a make up brand by a New York based Japanese make up artist, Ayako. Her style is edgy, cool and urban, often driving her inspiration from the streets of New York - both in collections and item names. While working with many Hollywood stars and prominent photographers, she cultivated her philosophy, believing with confidence and drawing out one's personal features, style comes naturally. 

A year ago she revamped most of the line, creating 99 eyeshadow shades and a vast line of blushes and contour powders you can both mix and match into empty palettes. With black packaging, simple typography and an edgy vibe, one could call ADDICTION as the "Nars of Japan" - no surprise that Ayako used to work for NARS. She has an unique artistic sense, differing from many Japanese brand aesthetics. I've never met an ADDICTION product I didn't like, I'm addicted! 


ADDICTION offers a variety of cheek products from powders to lipstick shaped cream cheek sticks to nail polish looking liquid formulation. The powders come in highlighter, contour, beige, pink, peach and rose shades. There are also 5 gradation blush mixes. The shades are somewhat basic yet captivating - there's something for everyone in the range. Each blush comes 3.9g of product, retailing 3,024 yen, made in Japan.


Like many Japanese blushes, I'd call the pigmentation sheer/medium. If you're familiar with their eyeshadows, the formula feels similar: not buttery, not soft veil like THREE blushes, but excellent in color and performance. The feel is more like in Western powders, but never a glitter fest of kicking off excess powder. They build and perform, which I love about these blushes.


Naked Lies 27

Naked Lies is a contour powder for fair to light skin tones. It's lighter than Kevyn Aucoin's sculpting powder in Light for example. As I said above the sheer-medium pigmentation is buildable, and on me it's fairly neutral brown - neither too warm nor too ashy to turn muddy. The SA said Naked Lies is the most natural shadow color for me, as Nocturne 02 and 26 Ibiza Dream pulled too orange. On light-medium to darker skin tones it probably won't show up. The swatch is close to the skin tone of my hand, but on the face it's a perfect natural contour.

Stylish 30

A medium, matte neutral orange, ADDICTION defines it as a mahogany brown. For me it definitely pulls more orange than brown with burnt undertones, creating a beautiful summery cheeks or complementing any make up look when you need a warm cheek color.

Sweet Dreams 33

A pale candy pink with very fine micro shimmers. One of my favorite pink blushes to brighten up my skin. I bet this would suit variety of skintones from very fair to dark.

Winter Blush 34

Winter Blush is what the gorgeous model wore in ADDICTION's Winter 15/16 campaign. I'd say Winter Blush is a muted antique pink with neutral mauve undertones. Understated and very pretty on the apples of the cheeks.


I'm currently very happy with my ADDICTION blush collection, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick up more if I got the chance to visit a counter. I love to experiment with different blush formulas and has some of the nicest mattes I've encountered. To some of you my blush colors might not appear very complex or interesting, but thanks to ADDICTION's wide range I believe there's something for everyone.

Updated thoughts 03/13/2017

Now there is an issue I have with these blushes: The formula is on the stiffer side, which makes picking up product with a softer natural brush rather difficult. I'm not sure if this is because the pigment is pressed too hard or have I hardened the product by dipping in my brush in and out after picking up moisture from my skin. Whatever the reason is, this disappoints me as some of the blushes perform less than excellent and there are variations with the pigmentation: Naked Lies is noticeably softer and more pigmented than Sweet Dreams for example.

This setback doesn't stop me from enjoying and collecting this blushes though. The price point is high end, but not luxury, and while I always want near perfection from my products, I find the ADDICTION shade range interesting enough to keep reaching for this blushes over NARS and Charlotte Tilbury for example. I just think you should be prepared to not expect a similar pigmentation as Western blushes or the same excellent softness as SUQQU blushes. I'm not sure how the older ADDICTION blushes are, my powder blushes are all purchased after the revamp. 

Have you tried any ADDICTION powder blushes? Would you like to?