Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush

I can't imagine it has only been a year since I discovered one of my favourite beauty brands: Rouge Bunny Rouge. The whole brand was like a mystery to me: fairy tale inspired product descriptions, luxurious black-and-white packaging with floral patterns and butterflies, hard to find reviews, but highly praised by certain bloggers.

The mystery unravelled itself by free international delivery for over 50 euros, free samples and ongoing promotions on their webstore. They also have the nicest customer service, who genuinely replies you instead of a copy-and-paste answer. The access to Enchanted Garden was only a few clicks away, and I never looked back. From base products to color make up - until this day I've never met RBR product I didn't like. But let's tart with the blushers. Or, I could just start and end this review by stating the RBR powder products are among the best out there, quit reading and go shopping. Would you believe me? Really?

The Original Skin Blush - For the Love of Roses

The blushers come currently in 6 colors, varying from peachy nudes to hot strawberry pink. Except for Starina, all the blushes are matte with a luminosity. They won't look flat on the skin, but lack any visible shimmer or glitter. Overall the collection is dainty, soft and very wearable for every day. I feel all of the colors will look amazing on fair skin tones, most for light-medium and a couple for darker complexions. The formula is silky soft but not powdery, blends without being patchy, and wears at least 8 hours on the cheeks. Your natural blush, but better. Silky, pigmented and blendable.

There are two types of packaging/formula lingering around. The old ones have a simple white floral pattern on top of the compact, and a simple flower imprint on the blush. The newer one have a black compact with gorgeous floral blush imprint, and a magnetic closure instead of the old 'clicking' one. Aren't magnetic closures are so satisfying? Also, the older versions of blushes are less pigmented (but still quite pigmented) and 3.5g, as the newer ones have whopping 5.5g (0.193 oz) of product! All the blushes are made in Italy, retailing 31€.

I must say, my 2 newest blushers happen to be this "older patch" although the image on the website displayed the newer packaging. I let the customer service know and now the images have been fixed, but don't you just hate it when your series of things - cutlery, make up or book covers - don't match? I love these blushes so much I almost one to buy the new ones and pass the 2 in older packaging to my Mom. Haha.

Edit: Rouge Bunny Rouge kindly confirmed the blush formula is the same in both versions, only the techniques in production were improved. The newer blushes are more finely milled and pressed to pans at a different pressure to make them even smoother and silkier.

Here are the colors:


Beautiful and understated, medium terracotta shade with a hint of rose undertones. Warmth of the Sun meets something muted and subtle in a beautiful mix. I think this (old) formulation is stiffest of all the blushers, I'd compare it to NARS blush formula, and I recommend using a medium density goat hair brush for it.


Nude-peach with a hint of silver flecks. Your-cheeks-but-better kind of shade. The flecks are far away from obnoxious glitter, they're very subtle and almost undetectable. The color is very subtle, effortless, very beautiful. Habanera and Delicata pull more rose. Has more pigment than Habanera, but less sheer than the new versions. My current favorite.


True nude with a hint of rose. Classic and defining shade. The blush is much softer and pigmented than the older sisters. I love to wear this one with very natural make up days or a bright lip and defined eyes. Not a contour powder, but for fair to light-medium skin tones can be placed on the cheekbones towards the temples as a defining blush. For medium-dark would work as a more traditional blush shade.


Medium muted pink color, very pigmented. I'd say it's universally flattering, but especially on cooler skin tones as there is a mauve undertone. Gracilis is amazing everyday shade, one of the prettiest natural pinks out there. Perfect on the apples of the cheeks.


Extremely pigmented, only the softest squirrel hair brushes are made for this blush. The formula is soft, but doesn't kick excess product. The color is hot strawberry pink, giving a healthy flush to the cheeks. Would look amazing on medium to dark skin tones. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush: For The Love of Roses are hands down superb both in formula, pigmentation and shades. I only wish there would be more colors available, as I can't get enough of these blushes.