5 simple ways to battle breakouts

If you suffer from pimples, impurities or breakouts and are a total skincare newbie: this post is for you. Once you've crossed your t's and dotted all i's you may proceed to more advanced skincare, but without a basic care no lotion or potion will help you out. 

1. Try life without dairy or/and gluten

Did you know that dairy is one of the main acne triggers in diet? The connection of dairy and acne is also one of the most researched. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and ice-cream contain growth hormones that may cause inflammation. Inflammation = acne. Also foods with high glycemic index (GI) may increase sebum production, which can cause you to break out. If you are a gluten intolerant or sensitive, again this may lead to inflammation that can cause acne. You can simply cut out one or both of these food groups out of your diet and see if it improves your skin.

2. check your Hygiene

This should be no-brainer, but improve your overall hygiene. I don't advice to go all bacteria phobic, but you may look into your habits: do you touch your face? Do you lean to your hands? Do you hold your cell phone to your cheek? How often do you change your pillow case and which side do you sleep? Do you break out that side of your face? Would it be ideal to use a private face towel and change it as often as possible? Do you double cleanse every day? Wash your make up sponge? Does your hair touch your face and could styling products irritate your skin? These are just some points you should take a look.

3. skip Essential oils

Essential oils can be wonderful to your senses and in skincare, but may also cause irritation to sensitive skin. Irritation = inflammation = acne. You may already be avoiding fragrance (if you don't maybe you should?), but how about fragrant ingredients? Citrus, peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender oils for example may irritate your skin more than benefit.

4. are you Overdoing it?

Acne isn't caused by dirty skin, you can't scrub away your blackheads or wash away your pimples. Harsh ingredients such as alcohol and foaming ingredients (sodium lauryl sulfate for example) that give you that squeaky clean feel may be too stripping for your skin. Removing all the natural oil from your skin may be increasing your oil production instead of battling your pimples. 

5. Try an acid!

Acids such as salicylic acid (BHA) or AHAs (glycolic and lactic acid etc) may be wonderful and inexpensive way to treat blackheads, pimples and overall texture of your skin. Especially salicylic acid can address multiple causes of your acne. It works as an anti-irritant, as it's a derivative of aspirin, and lightly exfoliates your skin from the surface and inside the pore. Adding a light acid toner into your routine can work wonders!

What methods have you tried?

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