10 Backup worthy beauty items

I'm one of those people who likes to have their favourite products always at hand. I shop 90% online and take advance of good discounts and sales to purchase backups. I've rarely used a particular product for years and years: I simply didn't have the experience and knowledge what to use back then. But today, these products are my tried and tested! I'm only listing individual products and not generals like acid toners or cleansing oils, which I rotate from various brands. I also stash different mascaras, random Japanese sheet masks, deodorants and liquid liners.

1. Essie Good To Go Top Coat

Ever since Essie launched in Finland I've been hooked on their beautiful candy colors. I find their polishes fairly long lasting, especially with this top coat that I learned from the the one and only - the MakeupAlley. Every time I find Essie in tax free I buy one or two Good to Go top coats.

2. Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++

My 'Holy Grail' status sunblock. It's heavy, greasy, leaves you a white cast (not giving a good sales pitch here..), but so reliable, can be applied on the top of make up and feels great for dry skin. I always buy 2 or 3 at once from ebay.

3. January Labs lotion

I was on the hunt for a perfect Summer moisturiser and after seemingly endless browsing I found January Labs. The ingredient list and attractive price got me into purchasing one and I've religiously used it since. The ingredient list is packed with aloe vera leaf juice and plenty of organic plant oils. It's feels light, hydrating and my skin loves it. (2nd bottle gifted from the brand but my opinions are my own!)

4. Rouge Bunny Rouge Papyrus Canary

The best pale beige base shade for your eyeshadow. Matte of course, soft like silk.

5. My Beauty Diary sheet masks

I love masks and try to use sheet masks on a regular basis. I've found Taiwanese My Beauty Diary masks the most effective and moisturising, packed with essence and a good quality sheet. I find the 'flavours' pretty similar, but my favorite is the sake mask.

6. Balmain Sea Salt Spray

I only stand scented products if it's for my hair and whoa! this Balmain sea salt spray I could wear as a perfume. Beautiful packaging and gives that little volume and texture freshly washed hair needs sometimes.

7. Nuxe lip balm

This lip balm has a cult following and there's a reason. A matte texture, balmy instead of creamy, melds to your lips for a long lasting moisture and protection like nothing else. Perfect for under make up or as a mini treatment when you go to sleep.

8. Cure aqua gel

A very gentle exfoliant for your skin. Must be used on a dry skin, massaged in and all your dry skin and dirt will flake away. So gross it's cool. The texture is a colorless gel with no scent. I bring Cure Aqua Gel back from my Japan trips and one bottle lasts ages.

9. Estée Lauder Micro Essence

My favorite essence until this day. I will use it as a 1st step instead of a toner, as I want all those fermented ingredients and moisture straight into my skin. My complexion feels plump and healthy after every single use. Unfortunately they don't stock this in Finland. Highly recommend!

10. Nars Radiant creamy concealer

Another star product that has gained a cult following. Too creamy and slightly radiant for blemishes, also there isn't a perfect match for my skin tone: Vanilla is too pink for my face, but fortunately makes a great under eye concealer to lightly cancel those dark circles. Creamy texture doesn't feel drying on the delicate under eye area.

What beauty items do you buy backups of?