I love eyeliner but I've never been into kohl pencils, I can count my stash with one hand. I've always preferred a liquid liner or a pot of gel and a brush over pencils you have to sharpen. I had heard lots of good things about THREE's Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils and the color selection looked just beautiful. At the counter I was sold. There are 8 colors available and they cost ¥3,000(+tax) each.


Like all THREE packaging, the color is dark grey. Thin stripe on one side indicates the color, but with my two darker shades they're rather similar. These are exactly the type of liners you need to sharpen. The formula of these pens are so creamy, so soft the tip crumbles every time I try to sharpen them. I don't mind the blunt tip, but wasting the product makes me super annoyed.


On the other end there is a small gum applicator I've used to do a kitten flick after lining the eyes. Before the eyeliner sets you can extend the line with this applicator, but it's not very fine and a bit clumsy for smudging the shadow. Perhaps I'm not doing it right, but I wished it was the same shape but perhaps softer.


01 Eye love

Is a light neutral champagne pink with champagne micro shimmer.

07 Eye doll

Is a khaki grey with pink micro shimmer.

05 Eye rock

Is a black grey with multicolored micro shimmers.


Here are the swatches twinkling in light. The colors are incredibly beautiful and full of fine micro glitters, which won't cause any fallout. The formula is a super creamy gel texture, which glides on the skin smoothly. There's no skipping or tucking the skin while applying the liner on the eyelid, which is very impressive. The best of all: these eyeliners doesn't smear, move, smudge or stain your upper eyelid. The longevity is excellent and they're very water resistant. I enjoy using the two darker shades 07 Eye Doll and 05 Eye Rock as a traditional eyeliner above the upper lash line and the pink 01 Eye Doll in the inner corner or brightening the lower lash line. 


I'm very glad I picked up THREE Flash Performance eyeliner pencils, but the sharpening problem is unacceptable. I don't know should I invest to a better sharpener (mine is new but cheap) or try to putting the liners in a fridge and see if the cold would stiffen up the formula. The longevity and colors make me want to gloss over the crumbling and I will pick up more shades sooner or later.