This might sound odd, but I've been blogging since I was a child.

Instagram flatlay @laurantaina
Instagram flatlay @laurantaina

I used to cycle from school to our local library every single day, to spend the whole evening creating fan pages for my favourite manga series or coding colourful iframe layouts for my personal blog. I taught myself basic HTML and image editing, how to use the library scanner and chat in IRC with a Java applet. I made galleries for my drawings and wrote diary style blog entries in broken English. When my Junior High School ending, I had spent so many hours alone on the library computer that my Mother kindly purchased us a PC. In High School I wrote Livejournal and later I ran a blog about mental health, art supplies, my exchange year in Japan and so forth.

Nowadays I share my beauty hobby on Instagram, so why a blog? There are a ton of gorgeous and successful beauty blogs out there, but I've always felt there are not enough blogs focused on Japanese beauty brands or brushes - 'fude'. Finding enough swatches, pictures or reviews online can be a laborious task, which made me want to share my own. I also felt the Finnish beauty blogging community lacks some 'high end' brands, as we don't have an access to them locally. For sharing multiple images I feel a blog can be easier platform than Instagram, and one could say this blog is a natural continuation of my Instagram page.

I hope you enjoy!