Workout makeup routine

I know what some of you are thinking - who cares to wear make up while working out? Isn't that just vain, Laura? Yes and no: I couldn't care less about my face when my whole attire is sweaty, but personally looking and feeling fresh faced brings me comfort - and comfort is good. Let me explain and share my routine and a couple of point how to not feel yucky while wearing make up to your exercise of choice.

So, do you need to wear make up?

No. When I worked out at my local gym I couldn't care less what I looked like: I slapped on some sunscreen and I was out of the door. Nobody is judging your complexion on a treadmill or while doing deadlifts and you shouldn't care either. 

But - if you want to, why not? If wearing full glam with falsies on a treadmill is your thing, you do you. My newest climbing hobby is somewhat social and I often exercise with a partner. I don't feel I have to wear a ton of make up to look presentable, but often I want to be fresh faced instead of looking like a raccoon. Also, I love make up and I'll take any chances to play with it. I shower and wash my face every time I've exercised and sometimes I need to redo my make up for afternoon events or meeting friends, but I don't mind applying it all again.

Less is more

Quite an obvious tip in this case, but worth of revisiting. The more you layer up the weirder it looks once the make up smears, moves or fades. According to my philosophy, the recipe to looking good has two ingredients: skin and brows. I could remove everything but my concealer and brow product and still look like a decent, well-rested human being. The rest is just an icing on the top. Blusher is also a great way to add "life" to the face, but I find working out already gives you a nice flush to the cheeks.

Oil/waterproof is a friend

Personally I don't wear waterproof mascaras, but I look for formulations that won't flake or smear while moving or if I have slightly runny eyes. Tubing mascaras or fibber mascaras tend to stay nicely in put as you need hot water to take them off. Usually regular mascaras smear due to oily eyelids, so go for the waterproof formula or set your lids with a powder if your skin tends to get oily. 

If you're a swimmer, sweat a lot or have blonde hairs you might want to look into brow and lash tints. An alternative to lash extensions and waterproof mascaras is to get an eyelash perm or lift. Even curling your lashes with an eyeshadow curler and wiggling the mascara into the roots of the lashes makes a big difference in how awake you appear. I always lightly heat my eyelash curlers to get a long-lasting curl without applying too much force.

My workout make up routine

I dab some ADDICTION Tinted Moisturizer in no. 01 on my face with my finger and blend with a foundation brush. I'm just comfortable with brushes, but you could recreate the whole look without any. Then I conceal my dark circles with NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, which has a lightly pink undertone and helps to cancel out the purple hues of my under eyes. I can wear this with little to no creasing, but to play it safe I can add a little powder if I have the time (read: effort). Also for extra coverage and longevity I apply a sheer layer, set with a translucent powder and reapply the concealer with a brush or my ring finger. Thin layers work better than one thick one.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Alchemy Long Lasting Brow Liner is like the name suggests - long lasting. I prefer this pen to powders during exercise as it won't budge or smear. Both available shades work with my medium brown hair, but I prefer lighter Trona for a softer look. My unruly brow hairs I comb upwards and horizontal with RBR Silhouette of Grace Brow Expert in Earthshine, which is a medium brown. It keeps the brows naturally in place without turning them "crusty". Proper reviews coming soon!

And you're done. If I feel like it, I swipe my go-to RBR duo cream shadow in Gossamer Wing (featured in my One Shadow Wonders post) on the lid with my fingers. Despite the fact I have hooded lids, this cream shadow won't crease on me and leaves a beautiful satin sheen. Add mascara and lip balm of choice. I keep this Clarins one in my bag because it's in a hygienic, convenient tube and has a nice sheen, but I won't be repurchasing as it's not very hydrating on the lips.

Do you wear make up while working out?

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Rouge Bunny Rouge brow products and duo eyeshadow generously gifted by the brand for consideration. Regardless, my opinions are my own honest and unbiased views.