SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist

I'm happy to share you all three lipsticks part of SUQQU's UK exclusive holiday collection, designed by SUQQU's senior make up artist Jorge Balzaretti. One of the lipsticks (EX-01) I got gifted as PR and the other two I purchased myself via email reservation. You can read about the ordering process in my earlier review of EX-36 Fuyusumire eyeshadow quad here. I've also posted swatches and my thoughts of the red quad EX-35 Yukitsubaki here.



The black packaging is simple and sophisticated, an angular bullet with rounded edges. The SUQQU logo is almost invisible being only a black embossing. When talking about a luxury lipstick, I wish there was some kind of 'extra' nuance in the packaging, like a magnetic closure. I know I'm nitpicking, but when paying a pretty penny for a beauty item I pay attention to details. I very much like the gold detailing in the new SUQQU Extra Glow lipsticks. To my knowledge the Creamy Glow Moist is an older formula, maybe that's why they didn't update the packaging? 

Let's see the swatches!


Beautiful opaque red shade, like Snow White's lips or a red rose in a lipstick. On me it's a neutral red leaning to cool. Very chic alternative for the classic warm red lipstick you wear during holidays. I'd say Sae Bara looks best with a lip liner, which I didn't use in the photo above, thus there's a little bit bleeding.


Kan botan is a cooler red with a hint of fuchsia pink. Pigmented but sheerest of all three shades, needs a couple of swipes to apply fully opaque. Personally I love this shade and find it more wearable when it's not KAPOW! in-your-face intensively pigmented. I see this shade working beautifully on variety of skin tones.


Beautiful medium nude shade with a hint of peach. Not too brown or concealer-like on my skin. I had my doubts about this shade as I never wear nudes, but Awamomoka ended up being my favorite of the three. It's nicely opaque and applies beautifully with a back and forth swipe.


The name SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist describes the lipsticks quite accurately. They're quite creamy and glide effortlessly on the lips, almost like a lip balm. The finish has a slight sheen, which makes my lips look nicely plump without emphasis on the lines. They are not fully opaque with one swipe but can be layered to full coverage while still feeling light on the lips.

The lipstick doesn't fully set but stays slippery, which I have to say I'm not a huge fan of. I usually apply lipstick in a rush and prefer "safe" formulas I don't need to worry sliding or moving during the day. I like the round lipstick bullet, but it works better for less intense lipsticks like the SUQQU Extra Glow. For me, it's difficult to get an accurate application without using a lip brush, which I'd say is a must have for this formulation. I'd also recommend a liner for the red shade EX-01. Being so slippery the Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist isn't a long lasting formula and does transfer if you eat/drink/kiss. 

Overall thoughts

I'd say the formula is especially great for very dry or mature lips, but not very effortless in application or exceeding in longevity. When I was photographing the lip swatches I told myself to not mess up the lip line, but you saw that my best effort wasn't the neatest. So, I highly recommend using a lip brush for EX-01 and EX-02. Although I'm not a crazy fan of the slippy formula I do think the colors are beautiful, complementing and unique. If there's a shade you liked I encourage you to pick it up before it's gone!

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