One shadow wonders X 3

Let me tell you, I'm all about make up rituals and high maintenance with my myriad of products, but there are days in one's life when you're extra busy or just can't be bothered with elaborate make up looks. When it comes to quick, busy-day make up application I call one shadow wonders those eyeshadows that make an amazing eye look on their own. I'm cheating a tiny bit as my hooded eyes need a matte contour shade 90% of the time, but it's all optional.

I've not only curated some of my top 3 shades to wear on their own (read: taupes), but also a fantastic performers that won't crease, have fallout or apply patchy. Just a swipe on the lid, add some mascara, blusher and a lip balm - you're ready to take the world .. or just hurry out of the door. Unlike one hit wonders in music, these are eyeshadows I love to reach for time and time again and they certainly never go out of style. If you want to invest on one eyeshadow, consider one of these.

Tom Ford Platinum

Most shimmery shadow of the bunch. It has a creamy, almost bouncy gélee texture. I like to use a flat goat hair brush for the application, like Hakuhodo B J004G, and gently swipe on the lid. The brush won't absorb the product, which is great. I'd call Platinium a neutral taupe grey with brown undertones and visible silver flecks. If you prefer a warmer shade, you could try TF's Spice. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Duo Cream shadow

Rouge Bunny Rouge came out with a gorgeous cream eyeshadow duo in the shade Gossammer Wing. I truly hope they will come out with more, as I'm head over heels in love with this one. I must emphasis I'm not a big fan of creamy cream shadows in general, as creasing is my worst nightmare. I'm happy to tell you these dry a satin-matte finish and won't budge, won't crease or move around after setting! Comes with doe foot applicators, but I also like to blending these with my finger.

The lighter shade is a pinky vanilla cream shade: perfect for inner corner or eyeball highlight. The darker shade is a taupe with purple undertones without being overly cool. Looks matte but has a golden sheen to it. Almost like there was golden shimmer trapped underneath the dried cream, giving it a subtle and pretty sheen.

Burberry no. 12 Pale Barley

Loved by bloggers around the globe, Burberry's Pale Barley has a cult status for a reason. This shadow is soft, pigmented and blends like a dream. Can be applied wet for more intensity. To me, Pale Barley is a soft grey-taupe with a hint of creamy beige. Like a chic trench coat or a milky cafe au lait in a eyeshadow. There's silver microshimmer to give the shadow a sheen, but is far from being sparkly.

Do you have a favourite go-to single eyeshadow? Please share!

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