Addiction Cheek Polish Review

Swatching my Addiction by Ayako stash continues! Today I have quite a fun and unique blush product to show you: Addiction Cheek Polishes. They've been out for a while, and at the time I'm typing this there are six shades available on the web shop, but there are descriptions for a total of 10 shades. I'm a little unsure if they've discontinued 4 shades and just forgot to remove their descriptions. Addiction Cheek Polishes retail ¥3,024 (tax included) for 12ml.


Addiction is famous for their nail polishes, and these little bottles look quite similar. They're both square and about the same size, even the Cheek Polish applicator resembles a nail polish brush, as it's has long and stumpy hairs like nail polish brushes are. The bottle is sturdy frosted glass with the Addiction logo. 


The Cheek Polishes are essentially a matte liquid blush - not to be confused with a liquid lipstick or a multistick formulas, as these have a very sheer, buildable consistency. They're smooth and emollient feeling on the skin, and I don't find them drying on my dry skin. The formula has some lavender oil, so if you're sensitive to essential oils better patch test the product first. I like how sheer these blushes are in consistency: they have a nice watercolor effect, a transparent wash of color, which looks very natural and effortless at the same time. I usually reach for these when I want to have color on my face but not look like I'm wearing anything. The lasting power isn't out of this world, and the blush tends to fade naturally during the day after ~6 hours.


Although the packaging resembles a nail polish, I don't "paint" on my cheeks with the brush, but dab about 3-4 drops of the product on my cheek and blending with a finger or a duo fibre brush. For liquid highlighter, like the Benefit High Beam, I like to blend with my fingers, but the blush is more liquid in consistency and spreads nice and even with a brush. My Sensually blush was a gift with purchase and I haven't needed to purchase a full size as the product is very long lasting - you only need those 3-4 drops for a sheer wash of color.



Sensually is "my cheeks but better" type of muted, rosy pink shade. In the close up of the swatch photo I can detect some very fine micro shimmer, but I've never noticed it on the skin. It looks like a natural satin-matte finish instead of the 'flat' matte kind once applied. I'm loving this shade a lot.


A gorgeous, true warm red shade. I love the shade, but if I'm not careful in the application and hiding my natural redness, Revenge might get me a 'sunburnt' look on the cheeks. I find the best application to be on the cheekbones instead of apples of the cheeks. The formula is beautiful and I bet Revenge would look gorgeous especially if you have a bit darker skin than I do or less natural redness.


Addiction Cheek Polishes are a wonderful addition to my blush wardrobe as a light, effortless alternative to cream blushes. The bottle lasts literally forever and hasn't gone bad quickly (my Revenge is +2 years old). I wish the lasting power was better as I tend to wear my make up full 12 hours/day, but I'm definitely looking into more shades.

Are you intrigued to try the Addiction Cheek Polishes? Have you tried any other similar liquid blushes?

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