About Me

Laura Loukola and Kiko

Hi! I'm Laura Loukola, 29-year-old artist, illustrator and beauty blogger based in Helsinki, Finland. My background is in Graphic Design, both in print and digital media. I like coffee, cats, climbing and cosmetics. Kitty in the recent photos is my maine coon Kiko.


Artwork and CoMmission

I specialize in creating expressive portraits and character art with digital media. People and their emotional world have always inspired me tremendously and I like to convey inner thoughts with gazing eyes, light and color.

I also have a well-established knowledge in traditional art as I illustrated mainly with Copic Markers for over 10 years while part-timing in selling fine art supplies. I've also taught manga/comic classes, done art lectures and promotion in events, children's book illustration and comics for companies. I have huge love for Japanese culture and comic/video game art, which has influenced my work.

All of my artwork is available for purchase as fine art prints (excluding some commission pieces). I also accept commission work! I'm always interested in inspiring projects, so please contact me.


Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

On my Laura Loukola Beauty Blog I share my passion for high-end make up, skincare and Japanese hand-crafted brushes. After moving back from Japan in 2014 I struggled a lot with my skin and I wanted an outlet to share my experiences, as well as my love for Japanese and other amazing beauty products. My nickname Laurantaina is a word play on a Finnish word 'lauantaina' (=on Saturday).


My views are unbiased and based on my own experience. All products are paid with my own money unless otherwise stated. I value transparency and mark clearly all PR/gifted items with an asterisk(*) and also end of the post.

NEW! 2019/03 From now on my blog will sometimes utilize affiliate links that marked with asterisk(*). If you like to support this blog (domain, product, prop, studio costs etc.) please use the links - it has no extra cost for you. x