Beauty Blogger Confessions: No Manicure, No Pedicure, Just Calluses

Here comes a confession: I don't have pretty, modelesque feet or hands. As much as I love beauty and taking care of my skin, nails and hair, I've never had a pedicure or a manicure. But these imperfections don't bother me as I take care of my hands and feet in another way - and that's what I'm going to talk about today. If you're hysterical about soft hands and feet, look away now!

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How Hands and Feet Are Treated in Finland

Fist of all, in Finland we spend most of the year wearing (rain) boots and not sandals, so pedicures aren't a standard in here. Professionally done they're also on the expensive side. Last time I saw an ad for a full pedicure it was €79 which is around ~$93. NINETY THREE DOLLARS. Some people do get nail extensions if their nails are fragile or show their hands a lot at work, but it's more common to see natural or self-painted nails. However, Finnish people are addicted to hand creams and moisturizers. Everyone and I mean everrrryone has a hand cream in their purse, desk, whatever. Yes, this is to make your hand look nice but also protect from cold and windburns.

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My Relationship To Hand Care

I first tried bouldering about 1 1/2 years ago and got immediately hooked. At the same time I kissed goodbye to hand creams and started embracing my calluses. You see, the harder my hands are the longer I can climb and hang without feeling any pain, my grip feels also firmer. To me soft hands mean vulnerable hands and baby-soft skin may get flappers (skin tearing off) more easily, which needs a band-aid and taping. My hands are more comfortable with magnesium powder than manicures.

I do like to paint my nails from time to time as I like the extra touch they add to outfits - just like jewellery, but color! I like Essie polishes and Take the Day Off top coat as they last almost a week on me, but usually I need to remove the polish after climbing sessions. I don't really mind as I like switching the color. I need to keep my nail length at minimum so I won't scrape the wall and hurt myself. Imagine your nails scratching a chalkboard - not very comfortable. I've grown to like my nails short, I understand if some people have very fragile nails and choose to get extensions, but it isn't for me. I always file my hand nails to the same direction and take vitamins regularly (Biotin is magic for hair and nails!) to keep them from flaking or tearing.

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And Feet Care (or Not-Care)

My feet are naturally odd shape and they naturally get a lot of calluses: especially the tips of my toes, the sides of my pinky toe, heel, etc. One of my earliest memories as a child is my Mom treating my calluses: that's how I learned the difference between left and right. A few years ago I started to see a foot therapist: to my readers living near Helsinki-Espoo area, I can recommend Foot Vision in Leppävaara.. Far from the pretty foot baths, massages and manicures. She uses a machine to sand my calluses and removes the rest with a surgical blade. I visit her 1-2 per year so because calluses on my feet can hurt walking sometimes.

My foot therapist has advised me to moisturize my feet every night (I'm lazy) and keep longer toe nails, but because of my hobby I really can't have my nails long. Climbing shoes are tiny and I recently went down a whole size to get a better grip on the wall. I do need to take the shoes off from time to time as my toes start to ache, but performance-wise it's worth it!!

How do you care for your hands and feet?
How much does a pedicure cost in your city?

Beauty Empties May 2018

I have this feeling I rarely finish products, but somehow I've accumulated another pile of empties. Tbh there's another pile in my closet I used up while typing this post. Rambling aside, it's time for the classic review which items I'm glad I'm done with and which are worth of repurchasing!


Mahalo The Petal Mask

At first I wasn't sure if this mask was worth the splurge - you get a lot of product, but the price tag is high. I decided to use this mask more regularly "to get rid of it" and the more I used it the harder I fell in love. Excellent for many skin concerns, hydration, brightness and overall pampering. Beautiful scent, honey-like texture and pink color. I will definitely repurchase! Full review here.

Mahalo The Unveil Cleansing Balm

Beautiful green cleansing balm that looks like a matcha desert and smells like lime tart. This cleansing balm is 100% eco but emulsifies when you add little water, rinses clean without a washcloth. I found the Unveil much too nice to remove makeup, so I still used this for 2nd cleanse. As much as I liked it I am not rushing to repurchase as there are a ton of lovely cleansing balms to try. But if you're ever fancied the Unveil, I'd say give it a go. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle Foundation

One of my favorite foundations! I had this bottle over a year I think so the formula started to turn into more thick consistency and was hard to get from the bottle. Still I decided to scrape most of it before opening up a new bottle. The texture of the new foundation was much more liquid and obviously performed better. Still loving this to the bits, read full review here.

Dior corrector pen

Very fluid concealer in a click-pen style packaging. Excellent for adding brightness to under the eyes and correct the darkness before applying concealer. This pen is now discontinued, but I heard the new one is the same with a bigger applicator.

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

Just as good as everyone raves - gives you the va va voom lashes and volume without smudging all over. What I disliked about it was the very thick wand as I tend to easily poke myself on the upper eyelid. I'm intrigued to try the waterproof version if it holds the curl even better. Full review here.


Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara (film type)

One of my favorite mascaras ever. Inexpensive, smaller and slightly curved brush. Unlike the name suggests it doesn't build very much volume, but adds some thickness while separating the lashes and holds the curl for hours. If you don't immediately fall in love with this mascara - let it dry for a week or two, then it's perfect!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Brow Expert Gel*

I very much liked the RBR brow gels (brown and un-tinted) I reviewed here, I tried to scrape every last bit of this tinted version. Perfect small brush and it gives natural separation and hold to the brow hairs, without making them feel "crunchy". I'm not rushing to repurchase this as I've felt madly in love with the SUQQU brow mascara (review here) as it has stronger hold.

Pur~lisse Blue Lotus Cleanser*

It was an okay basic milky cleanser for morning or 2nd cleanse, but I got tired of this after a while. I have cleansers I prefer, such as the January Labs Gel Cleanser (review here), so I ended up using up Pur~lisse as a body cleanser and for shaving.

Rituals Shower Foams and Shower Mud

I love Rituals shower and body products, but the Hammam range wasn't my cup of tea. Eucalyptus isn't my favorite fragrance and I found the shower mud way too messy. The Sakura scented gel-to-foam body cleanser was excellent and I'm looking forward to get a bigger size!

OUAI Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

I gave in to the OUAI hype and purchased myself the Repair range shampoo and conditioner. These bottles lasted me for ages, almost a year and a half! That's why I'm so picky of my shampoo/conditioner purchases, they last forever with my short hair style. Despite my constant heat styling these did repair my hair and make it healthy looking over time. Any magical shine and smoothness didn't happen, but I'm open to try more from the range.

Illi Anti-Age Cleansing Oil

One of my favorite cheap and chic cleansing oils! Bang for your buck and removes makeup with no problem. Read full review here. Full review here.

Max and Me Enchanted Facial Oil

One of my biggest first world problems is choosing my favorite Max and Me oil.. I just can't. I enjoyed every drop of Enchanted: how it relaxed my senses, made my skin plum, moisturized and glow. Now I have a backup of the I am The Light oil. If I had advice choosing between the two: pick the one that resonates with you more. Read full review here.

Innisfree Eco Safety SPF50

My one any only Holy Grail sunscreen. I've used about 20 tubes of this during the years. The newest formulation has a slightly more white cast, but nothing that would annoy me. Excellent protection, long lasting and physical SPF. What is not to love? Read more here.


Anything caught your eye? What's the latest product you've used up?